intimate elopement at Glen Oaks in Big Sur

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Big Sur Elopement at Glen Oaks | Part 2

An Adventurous and Intimate Elopement at Big Sur

The Intimacy of Eloping

I was so happy to get to shoot another elopement at Glen Oaks in Big Sur this year. One of the things I love most about elopements are the private moments that a couple gets to have. It’s so much easier to find intimacy when you aren’t being bombarded by friends and family every 5 seconds. Mackenzie and Micah’s very intimate elopement allowed me to witness some of the most beautiful moments between a couple. And they were so very adventurous too! I don’t think there was a single spot in Big Sur that we didn’t venture to; which is why I had to share oh-so-many photos with you!

A Quiet Elopement

For Mackenzie and Micah, their only concern in the world for their big day was each other. They didn’t try to appease anyone but themselves, which allowed them to be so present with one another entire time. I loved watching them enjoy each moment of the day unfold. It’s special to witness a couple on their wedding day really truly take their time with every event. Their ceremony was so peaceful, with birds chirping the whole time, and the most beautiful sound of the wind.

Getting Ready Together

As a photographer who specializes in elopements, I’m always shocked when I see something new that really takes my breathe away. Rarely have I seen a couple decide to get ready for their ceremony together, and now I want to encourage all my couples to consider the idea! It was so sweet how Mackenzie and Micah helped each other get dress; adjusting a bow-tie here, connecting a clasp there. It really showed how much the whole day was really just about the two of them.

A Couple’s Time Capsule

What’s better than getting a love letter from your soon-to-be spouse? How about getting a love letter out of a time capsule on your one-year anniversary from your spouse!? I love this idea! Mackenzie and Micah not only wrote letters on the morning of their ceremony together that went into their time capsule, but also set themselves up for an incredibly romantic date in the future. They put wine, a candle, and matches in their capsule too. Now their anniversary trip to Big Sur is sure to be as intimate and special as their elopement. I love how much they honored not only this day, but some future days together too.

Embracing the Adventure

I have been to Big Sur numerous times for weddings, elopements, and anniversary photos, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen this much of it in one day. Mackenzie and Micah were so enthusiastic about the adventure we had planned, and we were able to explore everywhere! We hiked, explored the forest, the cliffs, and even spent quality time on the breathtaking Big Sur beaches, despite the heavy winds. This daring couple took every moment as it came, and embraced the elements, rather than fight them.

A Private Cabin

After a long day all over Big Sur, and taking some breathtaking pictures, Mackenzie and Micah nestled together in a private cabin deep in the forest. They were so focused on each other, and even had a private first dance together. Then they tucked away their handmade bouquet and boutonniere as a keepsake, before ending the night with s’mores by the fire. It was a perfect goodnight to a long and romantic day.

Drawing on Inspiration

Last year I got to shoot a 2 Day Glamping Elopement in Big Sur, and Mackenzie and Micah loved the cover photo so much that they wanted to shoot in the exact same spot. I pride myself in my location scouting, and it always means a lot when others see the magic that I do too. We got lots of great photos (above) at this amazing cliff where the waves crash right up against you for a perfect backdrop.

Congratulations Mackenzie and Micah. Your Big Sur elopement created such great memories and moments for me, and I’m thrilled your photos will always remind you of your special day.

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