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Myths and Misconceptions of Elopements

Apr 7


Elopements are considered small and intimate weddings. When someone says they are eloping there are a lot of misconceptions that go along with it. Let’s talk about them, if you are on the fence about eloping this might help clear up some of those misconceptions!

  • Elopements are for only you and your spouse– Everyone automatically assumes if you are going to be eloping you are going to just go the two of you. NOPE! When you elope you can still bring a few family and friends if you want, remember it is your day and you can still do as you please.
  • Elopements have a quick timeline and not as meaningful: We disagree! When we create the timeline for our couples on their day we make sure that they still do everything they want to during that day from getting ready, to walking down the “aisle” to taking sunset pictures. Here is a sample elopement timeline we have put together for reference: 11:00 am – Photographer (me!) to arrive to check in with bride, florist to arrive with florals, any other vendor 11:30 am – Hair and makeup to begin for the bride / getting ready pictures 12:30 pm – Hair and makeup to end 1:30 pm – First look photos 2:00 pm – Photographer + bride + groom + guests to head to ceremony location 3:45 pm – Ceremony 4:30 pm – Ceremony to end 4:45 pm – Sunset photos 6:30 pm – SUNSET Dinner to Follow
  • Elopements are for couples who just want to get married at the courthouse: 99% of my elopements do NOT take place at a courthouse. My couples love to get married in remote locations like Yosemite, Sedona etc.
  • You don’t have to plan for an elopement: WRONG! There is a lot of planning that goes into an elopement. You have to pick your location, get your outfits, get your accommodations. A lot of couples have florists and makeup artist and other vendors.
  • Elopements are last minute: Yes, this can be true, but not always. But there are a lot of couples who want to elope and have a party later! Some couples love intimate settings and don’t want to be the center of attention. They want it to just be about them and their connection.
  • It’s just to save money: To some, yes but to most no. Elopements are so important to the people who choose to elope. Elopements are intime, romantic and adventurous. Some elopements can still cost a pretty penny. After the cost of location, permits, flowers, attire, etc it can add up.

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