Meet Heather Anderson + Her Adventure-Driven Team

Adventure Elopement Photographer + Videographer Serving Couples In California + Beyond

Authentic images require an experience, and for adventure elopements, that experience should be easygoing, comfortable and intimate — with every detail planned to make your jaw drop. So around here, we’ve carved out a reputation for unforgettable wedding experiences, helping daring lovers form their own meaningful traditions, starting with an adventure elopement crafted just for them. 

You’ll find that my team and I use a timeless, yet creative style of photography and videography to document adventure elopements, telling love stories that are as real as the ocean is deep. This means we use film and digital photography to document events with colors that are true to life, with a raw look as stunning as the many landscapes we’ve traveled through. By also relying on the consistent and reliable digital medium, we can document and guide you through your day with intention — creating one-of-a-kind images you’ll be obsessed with. 

And naturally, we take responsibility as stewards of the land — taking the necessary steps to leave no trace as we carry out your elopement, rooting your wedding in both adventure and conservation. So what do you say, do we get to find out who you are as a couple and craft an adventure that’s 100% for the two of you?

Inspiring a lifetime of adventures with memories to indulge in  when you need a renewed sense of this heart-pounding devotion.

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I’ve seen sunrises from Yosemite mountaintops, backpacked through the red rock landscape of southern Utah and surfed in waves that carelessly crash onto the beach. Your wedding merits the same kind of heart-pounding adventure. Whether you want to climb a mountain or stroll through slot canyons, I’m ready for it. 

I’ll ensure that you savor this adventure during and after, with photography and videography that document your connection. And because I’m not the only one with a natural inclination for adventure, I’ve formed a team that is equipped with the same documentary skills, planning know-how and location insights to help you skip the mundane and plan an untamed experience.

I’m Heather, an adventure elopement photographer + videographer in California + beyond.

6. What do your friends say about you?

That I love campfires with friends, my guilty pleasure is a trip to the movie theater on a rainy day and yoga is my sanity. But I’m also a mom, a total California girl and the kind of person who just needs a sunset walk with my dog to make me happy. And if you haven’t noticed already, I’m a hopeless romantic — my favorite movie is Love Actually.

Big Sur

5. What’s the most breathtaking location you’ve been to so far?


4. What’s the name of your golden doodle?

2.What do you love most about your team?

After my kids were born
As a teenager in the dark room
On mountainous hiking trails
In college

3. Where did you learn photography?

5+ years
7+ years
11+ years
25+ years

1. How long have you been a photographer for?

Postcard-Sized Facts About Heather Anderson

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Amy + Ben | Yosemite

“Heather is a beautiful soul, as well as a very professional and visionary photographer. Warm and open, she took the time to listen to our vision & purpose and then set out to create just what we wanted.”

Our go-to for destination weddings and detail shots, Joycy has been photographing weddings for six years. She is inspired equally by breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous wedding dresses. A self-confessed perfectionist, Joycy’s friends describe her as thoughtful and lighthearted. Her sister is her best friend by the way, and California is her home. She’s also a Spanish speaker! While most of us are inclined to chase adventure, Joycy is set on luxurious, yet cozy traditions.

Lead Destination Wedding Photographer + Videographer


A native southern Californian known for encapsulating stories within her photographs, Candice is our grounding force. She loves working with timelines, handles all the permits and travel plans, and responds to emails from couples when traveling doesn’t let Heather do so herself. Candice prefers biking over walking (you can go farther) and she can’t get enough of whodunit, spy-based novels. Her family is her world, and she recently celebrated 12 years of marriage with her husband.

Office Manager, Photographer + Videographer



Inspired by the sound of laughter, the energy of the ocean and that peaceful feeling of the trees, Denise is a proud east coast girl who packed her Jeep for sunny California where she met her husband and raised three boys. Originally a florist, Denise’s love for open spaces and brilliant sunrises led her to combine her love of the outdoors with her passion for art. You’ll usually see her on your elopement day as a second photographer and/or florist.

Elopement Photographer + Floral Designer


The youngest and most energetic member of our team (who will be scaling cliff walls and climbing to the best vantage point) on your Big Day to ensure you have the most amazing video to cherish. Aidan is a motivated young man chasing his dreams and capturing videos of couples, YouTubers and local Theater groups.  He is always up for an adventure, video camera in hand (of course).  His creative eye and passion for all things video makes him the perfect addition to our team. 

Videographer+ Editor


A creative at heart with an undeniable love for logistics, Sara is the best of both worlds being drawn to efficiency and creativity. She’s also one of the easiest people to talk to. To note, Sara is bilingual in English and Spanish, a prior paralegal and a mother to two kids (plus two big dogs — Ringo and Sammy). Her coffee is usually black and her canvas, outside of photography, is typically filled with oil paints or calligraphy. 

Family + Wedding Photographer


The one adventure-opposed member of our team (who was literally carried on her last hike because she couldn’t keep up), Izzy is a 5-year-old golden doodle that has been caught snoozing during work video calls. She’s also Heather’s secondhand girl, part of the daily school drop-off routine for the kids and the sunset walk buddy. She has an office bed and her favorite snack are those dog friendly brussel sprouts.

Office Dog + Constant Shadow


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