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Adventure Elopement Photography + Videography That Boldly Tells Your Story

Sedona, AZ

September - November


June- August

Kawaii, HI

March - May

Oahu, HI

January - March

Love meets adventure. Let’s take your wedding global and start your marriage with an adventure that feels like you. Reach out and ask to book with my existing travel itinerary for sweet

Far-Reaching Romance + Adventure


Planning calls
100-page elopement guide
Welcome kit
Packing list
Location recommendations
Help securing permits
Officiating (if needed)



For the wild romantics who crave a simple, yet unforgettable, one-day adventure.

➾ A Day of Tailored Romance: Your love story captured in a single, extraordinary day.
➾ One Breathtaking Destination: Choose a location that speaks to your adventurous hearts.
➾ Champagne Toast for Two: Celebrate with a pop of elegance and joy.
➾ Romantic Picnic Under the Stars: Savor local gourmet treats and love's untraditional beauty.

The Intimate Escape: A One-Day Unconventional Love Adventure

A One-Day Elopement Experience

For the wild romantics who crave a simple, yet unforgettable, one-day adventure.

Sometimes, the most profound love stories unfold in a single day. The Romantic Getaway is designed for those who crave a simple yet wildly romantic elopement. It's a low ticket to a high-end love experience, packed with unconventional charm.

The Intimate Escape is perfect for:

Couples seeking a simple yet deeply romantic elopement.
Lovers who want to celebrate their wild love intimately.
Those who crave an untraditional day that's still packed with elegance and adventure.

Embark on this one-day journey with us, where love is a wild and sustainable romance, captured in every unconventional detail.



Perfect for couples wanting a couple days of exploration, love, and wild romance.

➾ Two Nights of Local Charm: Handpicked, sustainable lodgings in the heart of adventure.
➾ Two Days of Adventure, Custom Coverage: Every wild and romantic moment, beautifully documented.
➾ One Destination, Unlimited Exploration: An intimate elopement in a breathtaking locale.
➾ Post-Elope Adventure with Our Team & Partners: A thrilling experience tailored to adventurous souls.

The Adventure Duo: A 2-Day Untraditional Elopement Experience

A Two - Day Elopement Experience

For the romantics seeking an adventurous twist to love, this unique getaway is calling your name. Join us in a destination of wild beauty and experience love like never before!

The Adventure Duo is perfect for:

Couples craving a romantic escapade off the beaten path.
Friends and family who celebrate love unconventionally.
Adventurous hearts ready to explore, laugh, and love.

Join us on this wild adventure, where love knows no bounds and every moment is an extraordinary journey.


For those wanting to explore multiple destinations in a love journey off the beaten path.

➾ Three Nights of Local Immersion: Explore two destinations with our guidance on the best accommodations.
➾ Three Days of Adventure, 12 Hours of Coverage: Your love story captured across two stunning locations.
➾ Two Destinations, Endless Exploration: Adventure through love in two unique, wild settings.
➾ One Post-Elope Adventures with Our Team & Partners: Glamping and an extra adventure day to make your elopement unforgettable.

The Explorer: A 3-Day Elopement Adventure Roadtrip Across Two Destinations

3-Day Elopement Experience:

For couples who aren't satisfied with just one destination, The Explorer is your gateway to an untraditional, wild love journey. Celebrate with friends and family at one location, then hit the road for a romantic getaway in another dreamy location. 

The Explorer is perfect for:

Couples who seek romance across horizons.
Those who want to celebrate love unconventionally, in more than one awe-inspiring destination.
Lovers ready to take on a roadtrip of a lifetime, filled with laughter, love, and endless adventure.

Embrace this extraordinary journey with us, where love is a wild road of endless possibilities and every turn holds a new, sustainable adventure.

“Stop searching... THIS IS THE PHOTOGRAPHER YOU WANT!! Heather Anderson and her entire team made our elopement the best experience EVER! Taking pictures with her was so easy, fun, and comfortable. Heather and her team truly focused on making our day special and intimate. And because of their expertise, my husband and I have the most AMAZING photos and videos to relive that beautiful day. The process from beginning to end was professional yet personal. I cannot express enough that Heather and her entire team exceeded all expectations. We got married in San Diego, but she was off to Alaska shortly after our elopement and I know she has gone near and far for her clients. You can TRUST that Heather will go the distance (metaphorically and physically) to make sure your day is everything you dreamed of and more. 100 out of 10 recommend ;)”

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”

Jennifer + Chris

“We decided to go all out and do something really fun and special to us and get married on paddle boards with just our immediate family surrounding us in kayaks. I loved how fun our wedding was and how we got to get hitched out on the beautiful water and do something untraditional. Although we missed our friends and family who could not be with us, it was such a beautiful intimate day we got to spend with our immediate families. I think our elopement helped us focus more on each other and less about all of the traditional aspects a lot of couples feel pressure to produce. We would definitely do it again; it was the best day ever.”

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”

“Heather made us feel so comfortable, and we felt confident she would do a great job. On the day of, it felt like we had a friend with us enjoying the day. The photos turned out great, and we've already gotten a ton of compliments from friends and family about how stunning they are. We love the timeless look, and are super happy we chose Heather.”

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”

Ashley and Paul

“Heather Anderson was amazing from start to finish. Her photos have such a beautiful, authentic, and light quality to them and she seems to truly love what she does. She sent a bridal guide, and was always available to answer questions or give suggestions. When I look back at the photos of our wedding day I love that they look exactly how I remember it."

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”


“Heather is truly a gifted photographer. My husband was resistant to taking engagement photos, but she quickly put us both at ease! Heather was able to capture each special moment at our wedding and she was an absolute joy to work with.”

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”

J + B

“Not only did all of our pictures come out just beautifully, but she was also a joy to work with. It was so clear to me that it was important to her that we have a great wedding day.”

Notes From The Eloped: "Do Something Unconventional.”


Our elopements already include the must-have plans from the timeline to the permit and location scouting. But for crafted elopements that need more tailored support, we offer full planning to dot the i’s and cross the t’s of every last piece — guest lists, vendor management, custom ceremony ideas and integration… Like an in-house planner, but for your outdoor wedding.



Select a sunrise or sunset picnic to complement the experience — including food, drinks, set up and take down. Mimosas or coffee while the morning sun peaks through the clouds, or a champagne celebration while the day comes to an end. Plus the usual charcuterie-style foods from cheese boards to dessert tablescapes. Just ask and we’ll send the menu for you to pick from.



An aromatic adventure no less — we provide florals too. Upcycled faux florals for a sustainable take or fresh, locally sourced flowers for your bouquet, one of our photographers doubles as a florist to give you extra photos and dreamy floral designs too. Say hello and mention flowers so we can share these enthralling extras. Think boutonnieres, floral tablescapes for the picnic and backpack flowers too.





The Wildly Romantic Path

After eloping, almost every couple experiences an adrenaline high, practically needing an address change for their relocation to cloud nine. These couples and those they have chosen to share this day with are hardly ready for the day to end. They’re aching to explore together, sometimes even choosing to go for another hike or adventure that very same day, because they had the time and energy to do so. They’re present, intentional and focused. 

The Traditional Route

We can’t even begin to tell you how common it is for couples to end traditional wedding days with complete exhaustion — tipsy and ready for a nap. After hosting the biggest event of their lives, taking care of friends and family, and following through with every expectation, the only thing they want next is for the day to be over. While this is the common route, it doesn’t have to be the route you take.

My team and I take the time to scout out your chosen location prior to your wedding day, especially if we haven’t been there before. We’ll do our research and will put our expertise to work for you. Finding the right light in new locations is one of our favorite tasks! Keep in mind that whether we’ve been to a location ten times or it’s our first time, we always approach it with fresh eyes, creating something new for each and every couple. We can’t wait to help you pick the best ceremony location, no matter where you choose to elope.

What if you haven’t photographed at our preferred destination yet?

The location should be tailored to the time of day, look and feel you want for your wedding. Are you envisioning a short hike, cliffside ceremony or sunrise summit? It can be as profound or relaxed as you want. Where do you see yourself saying your vows, and celebrating your first moments as husband and wife? Do you picture the two of you there again, years later (or even every year), reminiscing those first blissful, spine-tingling moments?

How do we pick a location?

Whether you want a sunrise ceremony, sunset wedding or would prefer a noon rendezvous, that’s up to you! A few weeks before your wedding, we’ll help you compile the timeline. The main items on the list are travel time, getting ready, the adventure, the vows and the post-ceremony celebration. 

What does an elopement timeline look like?

Adventure elopements aren’t about running off to get married, excluding everyone in your family. Instead, it’s your way of getting married — unique, intimate and fun. You can even argue that elopements focus more on the importance of family than traditional weddings because they actually establish the foundation of your marriage as a couple. Adventure elopements are so much more about the people. So invite who you want to and make the day about you, and not about traditions that mean nothing to you. More advice, this way.

How do you include family?

Is your heart pounding with excitement already?
You can take it easy. Elopements are as simple or as sensational as you’d like.

Elopement Photography FAQs

We have a tremendous privilege to access amazing public lands that serve as the backdrop for your elopement. With that, comes the responsibility to keep that "venue" unmarked so you two can come back to the same location in 10, 20 or 50 years. We want that land to take your breath away because it looks and feels the same as the very moment you stood there and said your vows. The practices we follow through Leave No Trace serve that vision.

What’s your approach to Leave No Trace?