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How Include Family In Your Elopement

Jul 26


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Big Sur Elopement

Did you know that that you can include your family in your elopement?

You have decided you would love an adventurous elopement but your not sure how your family will feel. Maybe you feel like you want to elope but you would also like to have some of the people that matter most to you there to share your day. The thought of having an intimate, adventurous and romantic day sounds like it’s perfection. The idea of eloping appeals to you because you have a desire to intentionally plan your wedding day around the two of you. Creating a meaningful, mindful and thoughtful elopement just feels right. But there might be one thing holding you back….

For many couples the idea of not including family and friends in their day just doesn’t feel right. You can induce your family in your elopement. I am going to share some ideas of how you can include your family in your elopement with you. You can absolutely elope with your friends and family. Eloping doesn’t mean you can’t include your family and friends or anything else that you want for that matter. This is your day and if eloping with family or friends is something that matters to you, then take them along on the adventure!

Eloping With Family and Friends

Eloping is really about creating an experience. You are working to craft and create a day that is unique and authentic to you as a couple. A day you will enjoy and cherish. So if that includes having people you chereish there with you then you should plan to include them.

There are a number of ways for you to include your family and friends in your elopement. You can have them physically there with you or you can bring a video team to document the day. I know some video teams that offer live streaming as well.


If you’re a couple who wants to share your day with your closest friends or family by your side you can include them in the entire day. Just remember that parks and sites where you may want to elope usually have a limit on the number of people you can invite. They can be there as the two of you exchange vows. You can include them in every aspect of your getting ready, to the ceremony and celebration afterwards!


If you want to include your friends or family on your elopement day, but you prefer to exchange your vows alone are , then include them in the other parts of your elopement experience.

You could spend the first part of your day having breakfast or brunch with your friends and family. They could help you as you get ready. Then the two of you slip away for your first look, ceremony and sunset adventure. Then you return to celebrate with your family by having dinner together and a toast! 

Elope Now, Celebrate Later

Another option (that a lot of couples dealing with the pandemic are choosing) is to elope just the two of you somewhere beautiful for an intimate vow exchange and then throw a big celebration and party later with your friends and family .

How to Include Family in Your Elopement

If eloping with family isn’t something you want to do, but would like to find a way to include your family in a different way then I have options for you to you include them in any way that feels right.


You can celebrate your love with your family and friends at an engagement party. Allowing your family and friends to plan a party for you will be one less thing for you to worry about and gives them a chance to feel involved during this special time!


You may be eloping, but that doesn’t mean you have to skip out on fashion!! Include your nearest and dearest friends and family as you shop for your dress and accessories. This will keep your those you love involved.

I love the dress featured in this elopement by

Grace Loves Lace


When couples choose to elope one of the most important vendors will be their photo + video team. They will want to document their day so they can share it with their family and friends.

Photos will help you share your epic adventures with you those who were not there. Having a photographer you connect with to document your entire experience will be important. Having gorgeous images to tell your story and document your elopement is a great way to share your experience back home with your friends and family! You can also send out elopement announcements with a few of your favorite images!

big sur elopement


A sweet and sentimental way to have your family and friends with you on your day without actually having them there is to have them write letters to you. Something you can read on your wedding day!

VIDEO CHAT, Zoom, or Live Stream

If you’d like friends and family to be a part of your wedding day but they are unable to be there then video chatting with them is a wonderful alternative! You can include them in any part of your day.

You can stream your ceremony or you could call them after you’ve had your ceremony so they can congratulate you.

The options are endless and you can include your family however you want via video or live stream!


Once you return home (or the pandemic ends) invite your friends and family to a reception to celebrate your marriage! There are many ways to celebrate afterwards with those who matter most to you.

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