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Big Sur Elopement at Glen Oaks | Part 1

Tim and Olina’s Glen Oaks Elopement in Big Sur

Soulmates in Big Sur

If this adorable couple look familiar to you, it’s because they made you swoon in their Snowy Winter Engagement Session we did last year in Yosemite. Now these two soulmates meet us again to capture more love for their elopement in Big Sur which took place at Glen Oaks this year. Tim and Olina met online in an anime chat room when they were just 13 years old. Scroll down to see how this anime chat room comes back into play for their big day! After maintaining a friendship for over 15 years, these two met in person in California and the rest, as they say, is history. They knew they were soulmates who could never be apart again.


In separate cabins at Glen Oaks, Tim and Olina prepared for their ceremony by writing each other love letters that would later be shared fireside. After getting dressed, I took Olina down a hiking path into the red woods for a “first look” between her and Tim. Once he was brought down, we were able to capture the moment he first laid eyes on her in her bridal gown. First looks are something I LOVE to shoot, and a special moment I recommend couples seriously consider for their wedding day. It creates a memory for just the two of you that you’ll absolutely never forget.

Fireside Love Letters

After our first look, we then hiked around some beautiful trails in Big Sur. One of the best things about having an elopement at Glen Oaks is that there are so many beautiful trails just outside your door, so you always have quick access to a change of shoes, or a jacket if it suddenly gets chillier than you anticipated. Not for nothing, it will likely be the only time you’ll be hiking in a wedding dress or tuxedo too, so why not take advantage and seize that opportunity? 😉

After our hike, we went to a great Big Sur Glen Oaks local spot called The Roadhouse, for donuts and coffee. It was here that Tim and Olina exchanged their letters that they wrote in the cabins. It. Was. Adorable.

Private Ceremony with Loved Ones

Tim and Olina had a beautiful ceremony and reception with close friends and family at a private residence in Big Sur. We won’t be sharing photos from this portion of the elopement to respect the privacy of the property owners, but trust me when I say, “it was BEAUTIFUL!” My favorite moment was when the groom took a break from the spotlight to make everyone French pressed coffee. Who makes coffee for everyone else on their own wedding day?! Tim does, and that’s why we love him so much.

Recreating Their First Big Sur Date

After the ceremony and reception with close friends and families, we embarked on an elopement adventure that I’ve never done before. This came as such a pleasant surprise for me, because I kind of feel like I’ve seen it all. To celebrate their new roles as married partners, Tim and Olina chose to recreate their very first Big Sur date. This involved a beautiful hike to a tree where on their date here they first witnessed an elopement. I have no doubt that from the moment they both laid eyes on that site, they knew they wanted to do the same some day.

We continued our hike on Tan Bark Trail, and then recreated a much cherished photo the couple share. The photo above of Tim and Olina from behind on the log is an exact replica of a photo they took many years ago. It was so fun and romantic. They go back to this spot often, and it clearly holds a special place in their hearts.

After some Big Sur hiking, we had to get in some Big Sur beaching! It was however incredibly windy, so we didn’t stay too long. Just enough for the couple to get a private moment together, and leave their names in the sand.

Advice and Details

We asked Tim and Olina for some couple for our couples venturing into wedding territory. I love what they shared: “Remember it’s a ceremony about being together and celebrating your love. Looking each other in the eyes and pronouncing your love is the most important part. Beyond that, it’s up to you what else you want on the day, but remember it’s all an extra and not stress out about it!”

Couple’s Anime Avatars as a Cake Topper


Flowers | Inspiration by Gina

Hair and Makeup | Kristina Curtis

Cake | Kalani Kakes

Cake Topper | Oahu Charms

Photography | Heather Anderson Photography


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