1. Let’s talk all about you and the elopement you’ve been dreaming of.

2. Book your date with a simple deposit and contract.

3. Craft your unique wedding day. We’ll help you find the best location, plan the timeline and more.

4. The grand adventure takes place — your wedding day! We’ll get there early and help the day run smoothly. Besides acting as your guide and photographer, we’ll feed trail bars to you, fix veils and hold onto bouquets. Ask for anything. We’re there to help!

5. Look forward to images that bring you back to the exact feelings and landscapes from the day. It’s an unforgettable experience, and we won’t let you forget a thing.

What to expect next
Define your adventure, starting with a hot cup of coffee and a chat with me.

The Trail Markers

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My team and I take the time to scout out your chosen location prior to your wedding day, especially if we haven’t been there before. We’ll do our research and will put our expertise to work for you. Finding the right light in new locations is one of our favorite tasks! Keep in mind that whether we’ve been to a location ten times or it’s our first time, we always approach it with fresh eyes, creating something new for each and every couple. We can’t wait to help you pick the best ceremony location, no matter where you choose to elope.

What if you haven’t photographed at our preferred destination yet?

The location should be tailored to the time of day, look and feel you want for your wedding. Are you envisioning a short hike, cliffside ceremony or sunrise summit? It can be as profound or relaxed as you want. Where do you see yourself saying your vows, and celebrating your first moments as husband and wife? Do you picture the two of you there again, years later (or even every year), reminiscing those first blissful, spine-tingling moments?

How do we pick a location?

Whether you want a sunrise ceremony, sunset wedding or would prefer a noon rendezvous, that’s up to you! A few weeks before your wedding, we’ll help you compile the timeline. The main items on the list are travel time, getting ready, the adventure, the vows and the post-ceremony celebration. 

What does an elopement timeline look like?

Adventure elopements aren’t about running off to get married, excluding everyone in your family. Instead, it’s your way of getting married — unique, intimate and fun. You can even argue that elopements focus more on the importance of family than traditional weddings because they actually establish the foundation of your marriage as a couple. Adventure elopements are so much more about the people. So invite who you want to and make the day about you, and not about traditions that mean nothing to you. More advice, this way.

How do you include family?

Is your heart pounding with excitement already?
You can take it easy. Elopements are as simple or as sensational as you’d like.

Elopement Photography FAQs

We have a tremendous privilege to access amazing public lands that serve as the backdrop for your elopement. With that, comes the responsibility to keep that "venue" unmarked so you two can come back to the same location in 10, 20 or 50 years. We want that land to take your breath away because it looks and feels the same as the very moment you stood there and said your vows. The practices we follow through Leave No Trace serve that vision.

What’s your approach to Leave No Trace?