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Envision an elopement that’s intimately crafted with raw, intentional moments and a stunning outdoor backdrop that lets your love run wild. 

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Adventure elopements

Weddings, untamed. Start your marriage on adventure that feels like you.

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What is an adventure elopement?

An adventure elopement is an outdoor, intimate wedding that focuses on your relationship more than anything else. Adventure elopements are more than weddings with breathtaking views and bouquets in backpacks. Rather, it’s a one-of-a-kind experience that forgoes the stress of a typical wedding in favor of untamed love and adventure.

Is an elopement right for us?

You want to do what feels right for the celebration of YOUR relationship.

The idea of a traditional wedding doesn’t resonate with your usual style.

You want to celebrate your anniversary at your ceremony location (a trail, lake, national park…), not a white-walled venue built for weddings.

You’re stressed about the hassle of planning a wedding that feels like a production.

You prefer hiking and champagne on mountaintops over dance floors and reception halls.

it's exactly what you expect

I can’t tell you how common it is for couples to end traditional wedding days with complete exhaustion — tipsy and ready for a nap. After hosting the biggest event of their lives, taking care of friends and family, and following through with every expectation, the only thing they want next is for the day to be over. While this is the common route, it doesn’t have to be the route you take.

The traditional route

After eloping, almost every couple experiences an adrenaline high, practically needing an address change for their relocation to cloud nine. These couples and those they have chosen to share this day with are hardly ready for the day to end. They’re aching to explore together, sometimes even choosing to go for another hike or adventure that very same day, because they had the time and energy to do so. They’re present, intentional and focused. Couples who elope are elated and excited the whole day through because they’re not exhausted from expectations.

The difference between a traditional wedding and an adventure elopement

The wildly romantic path

So if you’re ready to avoid the wedding exhaustion and start your marriage with the rush of adventure, let’s start planning.

Are you all in?


Elopement photography pricing & details

For couples that dare to create a romantic, wildly adventurous wedding experience

An intimate wedding experience, free of stress and mundane tradition, and filled with elements that let your love thrive.

Timeless wedding photos that capture who you are and will remind you of the impassioned adventure you set out on together. All sent in an online image gallery for downloading, printing and sharing.

Dreamy keepsakes to look back on, showing future generations that love is an adventure worth taking.

A full experience with me as your guide, assisting you in finding a breathtaking location, securing permits, planning your wedding day timeline and even helping you decide which wedding dress is best for your adventure together!

An exclusive elopement guide with a elopement day packing list, FAQs, permit information, wardrobe tips and more.

In a nutshell

Elopement wedding photography encompasses

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Starting at: $5200

Notes from the Eloped: “Do something unconventional.”

Hint: They don’t regret one thing.

I think our elopement helped us focus more on each other and less about all of the traditional aspects a lot of couples feel pressure to produce. We would definitely do it again; it was the best day ever.”

- Peach and Jesse

“Heather is truly a gifted photographer. My husband was resistant to taking engagement photos, but she quickly put us both at ease! Heather was able to capture each special moment at our wedding and she was an absolute joy to work with.”

- J + B

“Not only did all of our pictures come out just beautifully, but she was also a joy to work with. It was so clear to me that it was important to her that we have a great wedding day.”

- Jessica (Bride)

The photos turned out great, and we've already gotten a ton of compliments from friends and family about how stunning they are. We love the timeless look, and are super happy we chose Heather.”

- Ashley and Paul


Calm your nerves. Elopements are as simple or sensational as you’d like.

The frequently asked questions

How do you include family?

What does an elopement timeline look like?

How do I pick a location?

What if you haven’t photographed at our preferred destination yet?

What’s your approach to Leave No Trace?

Adventure elopements aren’t about running off to get married, excluding everyone in your family. Instead, it’s your way of getting married — unique, intimate and fun. You can even argue that elopements focus more on the importance of family than traditional weddings because they actually establish the foundation of your marriage as a couple. Adventure elopements are so much more about the people. So invite who you want to and make the day about you, and not about traditions that mean nothing to you.

How do you include family?

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Whether you want a sunrise ceremony, sunset wedding or would prefer a noon rendezvous, that’s up to you! A few weeks before your wedding, I’ll help you compile the timeline. The main items on the list are travel time, getting ready, the adventure, the vows and the post-ceremony celebration. 

What does an elopement timeline look like?

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The location should be tailored to the time of day, look and feel you want for your wedding. Are you envisioning a short hike, cliffside ceremony or sunrise summit? It can be as profound or relaxed as you want. Where do you see yourself saying your vows, and celebrating your first moments as husband and wife? Do you picture the two of you there again, years later (or even every year), reminiscing those first blissful, spine-tingling moments?

How do I pick a location?

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I take the time to scout out your chosen location prior to your wedding day, especially if I haven’t been there before. I’ll do my research and will put my expertise at work for you. Finding the right light in new locations is one of my favorite tasks! Keep in mind that whether I’ve been to a location ten times or it’s my first time, I always approach it with fresh eyes, creating something new for each and every couple. I can’t wait to help you pick the best ceremony location, no matter where you choose to elope.

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What if you haven’t photographed at our preferred destination yet?

We have a tremendous privilege to access amazing public lands that serve as the backdrop for your elopement. With that, comes the responsibility to keep that "venue" unmarked so you two can come back to the same location in 10, 20 or 50 years. I want that land to take your breath away because it looks and feels the same as the very moment you stood there and said your vows. The practices I follow through Leave No Trace serve that vision.

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What's your approach to Leave No Trace?

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View elopement guides

View our elopement guides for help getting started!

The trail markers

What to expect next

Define your adventure

starting with a hot cup of coffee and a chat with me.

Let’s talk all about you and the elopement you’ve been dreaming of.


Book your date with a simple deposit and contract.


Craft your unique wedding day. I’ll help you find the best location, plan the timeline and more.


The grand adventure takes place — your wedding day! I’ll get there early and help the day run smoothly. Besides acting as your guide and photographer, I’ll feed trail bars to the groom, fix veils and hold onto bouquets. Ask for anything. I’m there to help!


Look forward to images that bring you back to the exact feelings, words, smells and sounds from the day. It’s an unforgettable experience, and I won’t let you forget a thing.


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Elopement VideoGRAPHY

video  pricing

Add video coverage to any photo package 

Video team 

Elopement guide

Highlight Teaser Reel for sharing 

5-8 minute video with audio and music 

emotion Driven wedding films

elopement videography | Starting at $600

let us capture the story of your day in a film 

2-4 hours of photography

One location and one wardrobe (request more if needed)

Private online image gallery for downloading, printing and sharing

Couple Adventure Sessions | Starting at $800

Celebrate your love with an adventure session just for the two of you — ideal for engagements, anniversaries and vow renewals 

I will photograph any two humans who are in love. Inclusion and diversity are core values.

Where I'm headed next

I’ve traveled across the U.S. and to more than 7 countries for weddings and elopements. I’m counting down the days until my next adventure!


Want to join me?

Reach out and ask to book with my existing travel itinerary for sweet savings on travel fees. 

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Dreaming of something more exotic?

Let’s coordinate a helicopter elopement, private jet or any other wanderlust adventure you have your heart set on.

Normal travel fees are included within packages for the U.S. and California. 

Let’s get creative. Explore the outdoors and plan an untamed experience.
Look forward to a day that’s intimately yours.


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