Dragon Point Villa Picnic Engagement Session

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Dragon Point Villa Engagement Picnic

Amanda + Kevin’s Private Catered Picnic in Fallbrook, CA

Dragon Point Villa in FallBrook

At Heather Anderson Photography, we love to host and create private picnics catered to our couples’ personalities. It’s especially nice when we get to shoot these delicious adventures at stunning locations like Dragon Point Villa in Fallbrook, CA. This much-sought-after villa is located just north of San Diego and is not only perfect for a romantic getaway for two, but also great for an intimate destination wedding. Our happy couple, Amanda and Kevin teamed up with us and our adventure planner extraordinaire Brittni, for a mouth-watering and romantic picnic perfect for a unique engagement session.

Picnic for Two

So often when I’m shooting session with couples, the first thing they do after our time together is head out to eat. Quite often, because these sessions are far from home, couples find themselves scrambling for the perfect post-shoot spot to chow down. It’s no secret that many couples’ favorite thing to do together is share a nice meal. So why not make these cherished meals part of your engagement celebration? We make planning a romantic picnic easy for our couples by finding local artisan shops tailored to your taste and needs, and we always bring the best champagne from world famous Wilson Creek.

Working With The Best

You and your loved one are taking this important step together, and it’s only once in your lives. Make sure that you work with only the best to create your meaningful moments. Those that know my work, know that I’m a very hands on photographer- especially for my adventure couples. You should also know that I am very picky about who I’ll bring to the table. It took me a long time to find Britni, but couples who have worked with us in tandem, know that she was well worth the wait. Together we believe in producing something aesthetically beautiful and unique to each client, so that we are creating memories that last a lifetime for our clients.

About The Couple

Amanda and Kevin are lovers of nature and adventurous foods. They love camping in the desert together, and trying new cuisines and restaurants. During our session, you could see how happy sharing a picnic together in the open air made them. They were kissing and cuddling the whole time, which they later shared with us was their favorite part of the day.

Words of Wisdom

We asked Amanda and Kevin if they had any advice for couples planning their own wedding adventures. I couldn’t agree with what they shared more: “As soon as you pick a place, start making calls for venders immediately and don’t stop! Get it done quick so you don’t stress last minute.” Well said you two!

If you and your partner are interested in a catered picnic with our team for a special occasion photo shoot, let’s build your basket together to create something unforgettable!


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