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Filed in Branding — April 20, 2022

3 Tips for Great Business Branding Photos

Getting the Right Photographs to Fit Your Brand

Focus on the Love

Are you ready for a fresh take on your business with some professional branding photography? Maybe you’ve been in business for a few years and you’re longing for new content, or a new look. Or maybe you’re brand new, and you’re ready to hit the ground running the right way. I just love branding sessions and have some advice for all business owners out there.

My top tip? Focus on the love. As an adventure wedding photographer, this subject is not at all foreign to me. I literally capture love on film all day and night most work sessions. But when it comes to your business, is the subject familiar to you? Trust me, if you haven’t asked yourself “where’s the love?” when branding your business, you’re missing a key ingredient. The love is where messaging really comes into play.

Number 1: Messaging

Let’s use this branding session with the business Soulful Eating as an example. Soulful Eating is a business that helps people get out of the diet-cycle and start eating intentionally. Normally, one might think, “Oh, I LOVE healthy food, so let’s focus on that!” But I like to dig a little deeper. Is it food that you love? Or is it how food makes others feel? For this session, we connected the message behind Soulful eating to the branding. Eating well and intentionally connects people to their more natural state of being, and to nature itself. Every health food restaurant, store, or coach is going to flood you with pictures of spinach and blueberries on every social media feed and site, but that doesn’t connect the consumer with you and your message. There’s always a deeper layer. For Soulful Eating we discovered that it had to be outdoors, and that the ocean was the most appropriate atmosphere for the feelings that they want to convey to their perfect customer.

Number 2: Environment

When you’ve set up a session with a photography, make sure you have multiple locations in mind. Even if those multiple locations are all in one room! Trust me, you’ll want the variety. If you’re confined to a small space, do some sitting, standing, with different furniture, backdrops, and props. If your brand calls for the outdoors, ask your photographer how they plan to utilize the sun for whichever locations they have in mind. For our Soulful session, we wanted to capture the calm of dusk, and connect that to the serenity that comes from a balanced diet and lifestyle.

Number 3: Personality

Most important to keep in mind when booking a branding photography session for your business, is please please please, I beg you: show us your personality. Just because you’re a health coach doesn’t mean you need to get on social media with the world’s most bubbly personality. You don’t need to always look sexy, or happy, or cool. You will only be able to attract the right customers to your business if they actually know who you are. A customer who really understands you and what matters to you will be a customer for life. Let your personality come to the table, not just what your business has to offer.

What’s Next For You?

I’d love to hear what you’re thinking for your business! Whether your starting out, or thinking of hitting a bit of a refresh, where is your mind (and heart) taking you? Comment below! What are three words that best describe your personality? What environment do you think is best suited for your new branding? And most importantly: where is the love? Leave a note below, or book a consult with me directly: here.


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