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Hatcher’s Pass Alaska Elopement

Oct 5


Kaitlyn + Quin’s Hatcher’s Pass Alaska Elopement

Hatcher's Pass Alaska Elopement
Hatcher's Pass Alaska Elopement

An Elopement to Remember

 Kaitlyn and Quin chose Hatcher’s Pass for their Alaska elopement because it was the first place they were able to explore together when they arrived in this stunning state. What a treat for me as a photographer to be able to capture their special day in this magnificent scenery. We arrived just before sunrise and Katily and Quin both looked stunning in the crisp, cool air.

The Happy Couple

There are some couples I meet that I can tell have a lot of history together. Kaitlyn and Quin have a love and a bond that reminds me of why I love what I do. They met as teenagers when they worked at a skateboard shop together. As a couple they love exploring and spending time with their dog, Arthur. They were so fun and great to work with.

Just As They Imagined

For our sunrise elopement Kaitlyn and Quin got dressed up together and adventured with me up the cold mountains at Hatcher’s Pass. For Quin, getting to see Kaitlyn just how he imagined on their wedding day was his favorite moment of the shoot, and how perfect that it took place at the first place they explored in Alaska together as a couple. The bride and groom both shared with me how much they loved getting dressed up and venturing out at sunrise!

To learn more about Hatcher’s Pass, Alaska.org is an invaluable resource. Plan your elopement shoot or micro wedding in this stunning state. Please remember to Leave No Trace when shooting in the great outdoors!

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