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Salt Flats Elopement

As featured in JuneBug Weddings

Have you ever dreamt about having an elopement at The Salt Flats? This dreamy location is located in Tooele County in northwestern Utah. The Salt Flats are better known as the Bonneville Salt Flats and are the largest Salt Flats west of the Great Salt Lake. The Salt Flats are located about two hours outside of Salt Lake City.

Eloping at The Salt Flats can be simple, and here are a few of my tips are how to accomplish an epic adventure elopement.

  1. Pick your date so you are able to get permits and be able to let any vendors involved know. Picking a date for your elopement is where you will start the planning process. You will be able to tell any family members or friends who will be attending, let any vendors know, and most importantly, we will be able to obtain your permits if needed. Permits for photographers are sometimes needed, and it is good to get them before they sell out.
  2. Find your favorite officiate so you can legally be married. HERE is a site with information on how to obtain your wedding license. Please remember all states are different when it comes to marriage licenses.
  3. Find your attire for the day. Luckily, all outfits look amazing at the Salt Flats because the backdrop is neutral, and the sunset pops. Whether you both wear jumpsuits or suites or a ball gown for the bride, you will look beautiful.

This month I shot the perfect couple, Aimee and Jordan, at The Salt Flats. Aimee and Jordan LOVE being outside. Hiking, electric skateboarding, going to the park, walks around the neighborhood, literally anything outdoors in the sun, so of course, an adventure elopement was perfect for them!

Aimee & I Jordan met almost six years ago on a dating app. Aimee always says said she knew she would marry Jordan on their first date. Aimee proposed to Jordan in Rome. They walked to a place called Piazza Navona; it’s this area with art, music, games, and laughter. She gave Jordan a letter written to her future spouse years ago and a feather keychain she left in her car on our second date.

Jordan then took Aimee to three-story park. They say it is like “our place.” They went there on our third date and talked for hours. Jordan took her there to propose after Aimee proposed to her. She gave her a letter and a painting that spoke about the sun and the moon. Jordan has a sun tattoo, and Aimee has a moon one, so the painting was significant.

The rest is history, Jordan and Aimee were amazing to photograph and I wish them nothing but happiness!

Luckily for you, a lot of these steps I can help you with. My couples and I create the elopements intimately crafted with raw, intentional moments and a stunning outdoor backdrop that lets your love run wild. Let’s chat further about your ideas.



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