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A Non-Traditional Wedding at Allied Arts Guild

Eric and Elana Make Become “Artners” at Stunning CA Venue

A Non-Traditional “Traditional” Wedding

Over the years, I’ve gravitated more and more to photographing couples who choose elopements over traditional weddings for their nuptials. I think it’s because of the people I tend to meet who embrace this path: they’re bold, brave, and like to do things their own way. But every once in a while, a couple like Eric and Elana comes along to prove that doing things your own way is suited to any style wedding. Their non-traditional “traditional” wedding at Allied Arts Guild was one of the most original events I’ve had the pleasure to shoot, and I think those tying the knots soon will be inspired by their story.

Elopements vs “Traditional” Weddings

When I talk about elopements, I typically mean 20 or less people, though sometimes it’s as small as two. For more traditional weddings, there are usually at least 60 guests, a venue, and more often than not “traditional” things like music, food, cake, vows, speeches, and drinks. It is a party after all. Eric and Elana had most of what you’d expect at a traditional wedding, except with he help of Allied Artists Guild, they were able o make it completely non-traditional too. Even when they included Jewish traditions like a Huppah, breaking the glass, and a ceremonial chicken dance, all of it had their own twist.

A Venue for Artists

This amazing couple has an unbreakable bond over their art and what their work means to each of them. Because of this, I can’t imagine a more perfect venue than Allied Arts Guild for their big day. It’s such a unique spot. All of the weddings I’ve shot there have been with some of the coolest and most down to earth people I’ve had the pleasure to work with. Allied Arts Guild in Menlo Park, CA not only houses stunning gardens perfect for a wedding, but is home to cafes, shops, and artists studios as well. One thing I love about working here too, is that the Allied Arts Guild has been a support for The Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Standford for almost 100 years. It’s nice to know when you’re involved in something going towards a good cause.

Becoming “Artners”

When Eric and Elana made their vows in front of close friends and family, they vowed to be “artners,” rather than “partners.” This really showed how dedicated they are to their work, and how important that is in their relationship. It was apparent just how much art means to them by every decision they made for their wedding day. Not only did they each rock some of the coolest and fun wedding attire I’ve seen, but even the guest embraced the spirit of the day in this way. Everywhere I turned I saw feather pieces, bunny ears, unique suits, and I loved Elan’s LED-light underdress for after dark.

Keeping Some Tradition

When you enter a traditional wedding, you’re often met by a guest book; something for the couple to take home and remember your attendance by. Well, at a wedding for artists, things got a lot more interesting! Not only did they draw inside their own huppah (a canopy under which a Jewish couple stand during their wedding ceremony) but they had their guests drawing too! Their sign-in easel was a hit amongst the crowd, especially the kids. And the drawings that came out of the “Monster Game” were so cute and funny. They really kept everyone involved, and originally soared throughout every aesthetic and action. I especially enjoyed the original song their family sang them in place of a traditional toast, and the cake their friend made for them was a definite crowd-favorite.

Keeping It You

I’m so grateful to have worked with this inspiring couple. I’ve worked so many weddings over the years, and none have made me smile, laugh, and embrace self-expression quite like Eric and Elana’s did. It was a great reminder that in all things, staying authentic to yourself is so important. Stay true to who you are in your life, your relationships, and especially your wedding.

Working With Allied Arts Guild

You can find a lot of information about the Allied Arts Guild on their site here. If you’d like more of my insight on the venue, book a call with me anytime through my site here. I’m happy to share my thoughts!


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