An adventure family in Torrey Pines

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An Adventure Family Session

The Sanders Family Shoot an Adventure at Torrey Pines

Getting Outdoors for Adventure

Were you ever piled in the car in your finest clothes, and taken to Sears to get your family portraits done? Oh the… memories? Well, maybe the cheeseburger afterwards at least, right. Is your family more into adventure than normal day-to-day goings? Then maybe a photo session at Torrey Pines will bring better memories than a boxy room and cheeseburger!

There are so many reason you’ll love making your family photo sessions an adventure session. Not only will you love the photos, but you and the family with create memories of true togetherness. The Sanders Family was all about it. In fact, five years ago, when we shot together on the beach before their move to Kansas City, they proved their adventurous spirit to me. They couldn’t stay away for long though, and now they are back to enjoy the California sunshine. Celebrating their return at Torrey Pines with hiking, fun, and a photo shoot was the best way to celebrate their return.

Torrey Pines for the Family

If you’re looking for the perfect spot for an adventure family session, Torrey Pines definitely cuts the mustard. This southern California reserve, located within the San Diego city limits offers guided hikes, a visitor center, and of course, stunning views. Keep in mind that you should not treat this location as a park. Torrey Pines Reserve has been preserved to how it was before San Diego was even developed, and all 1,500 acres are so serene. The beaches and lagoons are as clean and unsoiled as they were hundreds of years ago, and you can still see wildlife and plants that are otherwise running extinct.

Know Ahead of Time

If you and your family are thinking about an adventure session here, please take note of some rules and regulations the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve have set forth:

  • No food or drink, except water, is allowed in the Reserve above the beach.  Food, of course, is fine on the beach (no alcohol).
  • Dogs are not permitted anywhere.
  • “Pack it in-pack it out” starting from the beach parking lot. There are no trash cans in the upper Reserve. There are no trash cans along the beach. Trash and recycling bins or dumpsters are available in the beach parking lots.
  • No smoking
  • Drones are not allowed anywhere in the Reserve or Beach.

I’d love to share more of my personal insights about this stunning location with you and your family. Book a call with me through my site here. I’d love to help.


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