Windansea Beach Engagement

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Windansea Beach Engagement

Christine + Hector’s Engagement a Photos at Windansea Beach

Top 5 Spot for San Diego Beaches

I couldn’t be happier that Christine and Hector chose Windansea Beach in La Jolla, CA for their engagement photos with me. San Diego has no shortage of beautiful beaches and scenic spots for photos, but Windansea Beach is among my top 5 of all time. It’s such a small beach, but feels enormous with the waves crashing upon the rocks. It’s a very popular spot for surfers, but not so much for tourist, which makes it perfect for shooting!

Christine and Hector

This happy couple did something I highly recommend: they booked their session during a vacation. Since they love walking on the beach together, Windansea Beach seemed like a perfect spot. They had such a great time together, and I think we got some fabulous shots. Christine and Hector have 3 dogs whom they love taking on little trips around California. They are big fans of going out for dinner and a movie. They met at UC Davis in 2012, which is where Hector chose to propose- choosing the UC Davis Arboretum as the perfect place to pop the question.

A Wedding at City Hall

Christine and Hector’s plan for their wedding is to go to San Francisco’s City Hall. They have their calendar marked for October of next year which will be their 10 year anniversary. I share their words of wisdom about weddings: “weddings are to celebrate the love of two people. It can be as small or big as you want it to be.” 

A Photographer’s Dream

I’m not the first photographer to praise Windansea Beach for it’s picture perfect surroundings. Many have noticed it’s charm, but I still want to share that if you’re a lover of beach scenery, this spot cannot be missed. It has access to both cliffs and beach, which isn’t always the case for accessible spots. Windansea makes it even easier by having easy access to parking. I’ve never been there and felt it was too crowded, and I love watching the surfers who are committed to the small but special spot.

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