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Mount Palomar Elegant Wedding

Elegant and Timeless Wedding at Mount Palomar

Elegant and Timeless Wedding at Mount Palomar

Every once in a while a more “traditional” wedding comes around that makes me rethink my views on big weddings. Of course, Mount Palomar Winery has a way of doing that, as they are absolutely one of my favorite places for shooting weddings that are elegant and timeless. This one had that extra dash of special too, simply because Taylor and John (bride and groom) were the sweetest couple with the absolute best friends and family. It was so nice to see a bride and groom so loving, playful, and flirty with each other. You could really feel the love at this wedding, and the whole day was nothing short of beautiful magic.

Setting the Tone

These days, technology plays a way more important role in nuptials than ever before. Wedding planning sites like The Knot, Zola, and Wedding Wire make it so easy to put your vision into action, and allows your guests to learn well in advance how to enjoy your big day with you.

Taylor and John did such a great job navigating the Covid-19 Pandemic while still setting the tone for a fun and loving weekend:

“We cannot wait to celebrate our marriage with all of our friends and family the way we always envisioned!! If for any reason you do not feel safe to attend, then please do what you need to take care of yourself! We always have and will appreciate the support we have received from all! We hope our celebration will bring everyone together to spend a special night with much deserved quality time with loved ones! See you in October!!!”- Taylor and John

Our Couple

Taylor and John met on their very first day in high school, 6th period PE class to be exact! Then on their 5 year anniversary on Coronado Beach in San Diego John proposed. He had taken Taylor there on one of their first dates where they talked about what they wanted their futures to look like. John knew that family is the most important thing in the world to Taylor, so he had her entire family surprise her on the beach when he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him.

A Perfect Place for Elegance

Mount Palomar Winery, located in the Temecula Valley, is particularly known for making wines of distinctive taste and high quality. It’s a working wine estate with 55 acres of vineyards, and I notice something new every time I’m there. I’ve photographed so many weddings here, and always love the opportunity to come back. The rolling hills are the perfect backdrop for any color scheme. When going for elegance, take a page out of Taylor and John’s book. They chose ivory, taupe, and black as their colors and Mount Palomar completely supported those colors and their timeless vision.

We asked Taylor and John why they were drawn to Mount Palomar and they said it perfectly. “We visited Mount Palomar last summer and fell in love with the rustic but elegant vibe. It was the most beautiful venue we had seen.”

Favorite Moments

They say “happy wife = happy life” Well, I say “happy bride = happy everything!” I’m always so glad to see genuine excitement, gratitude, and joy on a brides face. Taylor shared with us exactly what it was about her big day that made it so memorable. She says, “never in my life have all my family and best friends been in the same place. The amount of love and happiness was surreal!!”

When you have love, you have everything, and this day certainly reminded us all of that fact.


DJ | Sure Shot Entertainment

Cake | The Kilted Cake

Design | Heather Christina Designs


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