Alaska State Fair

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Alaska State Fair

A Couple’s Session at the Alaska State Fair

Always an Occasion for Love

I love shooting in new locations, and The Alaska State Fair was the perfect setting to experience a fun adventure. It’s always great when a couple takes the time to capture special moments; it doesn’t have to be a wedding, birthday, anniversary, or engagement to have a reason to shoot. There are so many memories worth creating together with a photographer. The Alaska State Fair was a brilliant location for a session with Sage and Tera!

The Giant Cabbage Contest

Is there anything better than a unique local tradition? Alaska did not let me down. According to the official Alaska State Fair Inc, the giant cabbage contest tradition began in 1941 when the manager of the Alaska Railroad offered a $25 prize for the largest cabbage. A farmer won that first year with a 23 pound cabbage. Apparently, cabbage had a long way to go, because in 2012 a new world record was set at the fair with a 238.5 pound entry. Now that’s a big cabbage.

I promise, next time I go back to the fair I will shoot the cabbage. I only learned of this Alaska State Farm tradition until after we had left the grounds!

The Glacier River

The Glacier River is a river 12 miles southwest of Whittier near the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The air is crips, and the water flows with a calm cold energy one would imagine in Alaska. As Sage and Tera held hands on the bank of the river, we were visited by a family of ducklings. It was a truly magic moment for me and the lovely couple.

A Hybrid Photographer

I would love to see your local sites, learn about new local traditions, and capture your special occasion. I have made a career in photography helping daring lovers forge their own wild traditions while also acting as an adventure guide. Let’s create an unforgettable experience, filled with real emotions and impassioned devotion. To learn more about the way I work with couples, visit my site and guides.


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