love and dogs in eagle river Alaska

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Love and Dogs in Eagle River

Alaskan Love (and dogs!) perfect this Eagle River Enegagment Session

Love and dogs in Alaska's Eagle River

The more the merrier

Jenny and Paul might actually be the sweetest human beings I’ve had the pleasure to work with this year, and their Nordik dogs (who swam in glacier water!) were just as wonderful. I always love working with animals, and encourage my clients to bring their fur babies along for our photo shoots if that’s what’s in their heart. Jenny is a veterinarian, and while dogs are a much beloved species for this bride-to-be, it was a surprise visit from this local Eagle River moose that most delighted all of us on our adventure.

Alaskan Fireweed

The lovely couple are getting married next summer and I am thrilled to be photographing their wedding. I am especially excited to be photographing in the summer when the Alaskan fireweed will be in full bloom. Fireweed is one of Jenny’s favorites, and we are already planning some fabulous photos where she will be surrounded by these beautiful flowers in a field. It’s love and dogs in Eagle River this time, love and all for our next!

Will You Have Me Again Alaska?

Alaska keeps blowing me away. The scenery is truly unlike no other, and the flora (and often the fauna!) make for such unique photo sessions. Eagle River had such crips air, with mountains that look like they’re piercing the sky, and with glacial river waters that run at their own pace. I truly can’t wait to return to this state time and time again for more adventure sessions.

Thank you Jenny and Paul

A very special thanks to Jenny and Paul for being so wonderful to work with. It was a true pleasure meeting this sweet couple and their amazing fur family. I will always say yes to bringing your fur-babies to a shoot! This was a magical engagement session for sure, and Alaska keeps making me want to come back for more!

I can hardly wait for summer.

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