elopement at garrapata state park

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Elopement at Garrapata State Park in Big Sur

Gage + Abby elope at the rocky cliffs of Garrapata State Park

elopement at garrapata state park

Garrapata in Big Sur

Abby and Gage knew they wanted a cliff spot with beach access for their big day, so we knew a Garrapata State Park elopement was in order. This park is near the northernmost tip of Big Sur, very close to the Carmel Highlands. It has jaw-dropping rock-lines all along the coast, and lots of sandy beach to stroll along as well. For a couple who love hiking and the outdoors like Abby and Gage, it’s the perfect spot for an elopement.

Pre Ceremony Session

I love doing pre ceremony sessions. I highly recommend taking the time for this whether you’re having a big wedding or a small elopement. For their big day, Abby and Gage wanted to do some sunrise hiking in the redwoods. Garrapata State Park is such a great place for hiking if you love tall trees and ocean breeze. After our hike, Abby and Gage enjoyed donuts and coffee at The Roadhouse Grill in Big Sur which is a lovely way to spend some time together before it’s time for the “I dos.”

elopement in Big Sur couple by the river

Write Your Vows Now

We asked Abby and Gage for some advice to give to other couples, and we got an answer we’ve never seen before. They said “Don’t save your ceremony/vows until the last minute!” I’m so happy to hear this advice. A lot of times, couples get so overwhelmed by all the details of planning a wedding, they forget what it’s really about: your commitment to one another. When it comes to your decision to marry, whether you’re eloping just the two of you, or with friends and family present, the ceremony is what gets the tear flowing for a reason. Take this couple’s advice, and don’t leave the important words to match your decision to marry up to the last minute. When in doubt- look to the classic. “For better or worse” has stood the test of time because it so perfectly gets the point across.

elopement in Big Sur

More from Big Sur

If you’ve followed me for long, you probably recognize some of these spots from other sessions. Garrapata State Park is such great location for an elopement, and everyone seems to fall in love with Big Sur. Trust me, you’re going to want to spend more than just one night there, so think about getting a variety of photographs. We had a super fun 2 Day Glamping Elopement session in Big Sur last year that a lot of my couples have used as inspiration for some of their favorite photos.


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Photography | Heather Anderson Photography


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