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Photo-Sessions: Love in Hawaii

Making Memories Together on Hawaii’s Islands

Taking Time for Two

If you and your loved one can’t remember the last time you shared a weekend together, just the two of you, then it may be time to pump on the brakes! The brakes of life! After all, isn’t all that work you’re doing supposed to be leveled out in play? I just got back from a relaxing and fun week in Hawaii, capturing so much love for an anniversary session, and wanted to share with you why I think Hawaii is one of the best places for any photo-shoot; an elopement, anniversary, or any memory-making moment for a couple.

Private Beaches

On just about every island of Hawaii, you can find your very own private beach for a day. Sometimes you have to just know the right people (talk to me), but you’d be amazed what google and airbnb will do for you! For the best pictures, I recommend coming super early, to catch the sunrise. But if mornings aren’t your thing, sunsets can be just as beautiful to capture the mood.

Bringing it Back to Love

When you’re in Hawaii, I think it invites you to permanently dig your heels into love. It’s the best place for couples looking for a romantic getaway. Even if you’re a couple who likes adventure more than sipping mai-tais by the pool, Hawaii offers everything you could dream of. Surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, high-lining, canoeing, whale-watching, and some of the best hiking in the world! Whatever you and your loved-one love to do together, Hawaii has it in spades.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hawaii

There are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind when visiting the Hawaiian islands. First of all, remember that while you are in the United Stages, Hawaii has a deep and rich culture all on its own. You’ll want to respect traditions, as well as the land. Learn a few Hawaiian words like “Aloha” (hello), and “Mahalo” (thank you), and ask for advice when in doubt about the lay of the land. There’s a huge problem because of tourism with deterioration of the coral reefs, and much of this damage is done by people simply wearing the wrong kind of sunscreen. Make sure you’ve researched brands, and are not bringing harmful chemicals into the water with you. Here are 5 Reef Safe Sunscreens for your consideration.

Booking for All Occasions

I think Hawaii is perfect for any occasion where love is involved. Whether you’re planning an elopement, an anniversary, or just some alone time, you’ll never look more blissful than you do in Hawaii. Take the time to honor yourself and your partner with a photoshoot that will last a lifetime. For more of my Hawaii sessions, visit my blog. Let me know which backdrops strike your eye the most and let’s see which beach is right for you!


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