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How to Plan a Micro Wedding

Jul 21


Small Wedding Trends

The desire to create an intimate wedding has increased since the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic emerged. As more couples are planning celebrations with smaller guest lists, we’ve seen the trend towards smaller weddings. However, there seems to be some confusion of about the different options available to couples. Some of these a options are: elopements, minimonies, and micro-weddings. In this article I am going to dive deeper into how to plan a micro-wedding in particular, so you can determine if a micro wedding is right for you.

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What is a Micro Wedding?

A micro-wedding is an in-person wedding with a small guest count, almost entirely composed of your nearest and dearest.

Planning a micro-wedding is very similar to a traditional wedding. Your guest count is just much smaller.

Is a micro wedding right for you?

If you want to be able to plan a wedding in a more intimate setting then a micro wedding could be the answer. Couples planning intimate weddings can choose a venue space that is an expected wedding venue and then get create with how they use the space. This is where design comes into play. Making a large space feel intimate can be really exciting. YOu have an opportunity to get more creative with the seating, layout and spaces like lounge areas. With a more intimate wedding you also have the option of a less traditional wedding space. Maybe the top of an iconic structure or mountain, an intimate beach, a sunset cruise, or a secret garden.

What vendors do you need to plan a micro wedding?

A wedding Planner will be key!! While it seems like wedding planning for a micro-wedding is easy, there are still elements you may forget or find overwhelming. A planner can ensure every detail is considered and help you design your space along with creating the vibe of your wedding. Also hiring a planner helps to dissolve a significant amount of your stress, especially if you are rescheduling and postponing larger celebrations due to the pandemic.

Regardless of how understated you want your wedding to be, it’s still a grand adventure that should be artfully documented by a professional photographer.

Seeking out a florist that will help you develop a concept that matches your vision for your micro wedding is important. There are usually fewer details for micro weddings so having a beautiful bouquet can make your design come together and looks amazing in photos.

Now let’s talk about my favorite part, dessert!! When you’re not trying to provide dessert for a huge guest count, you can get more creative. YOu can choose a homemade dessert you love or a sweet treat from your local bakery. Some couples hosting a micro-wedding also choose to have a small cake and champagne toast.

Let’s make magic!!

I got together with a local venue and florist and we created this mini styled shoot to show you how we took a traditional wedding venue and flipped it on it’s head to create a wonderful intimate space for micro weddings.

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