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How To Plan An Elopement

The 5 DO’s and Don’ts

You Need to Know

epic elopements in so cal

I absolutely love capturing epic elopements and intimate weddings . Your elopement will be your grandest adventure yet and planning your elopement may feel a little overwhelming. Even if you’re opting for a no-frills wedding, planning your elopement still deserves a little thought. Finding the perfect location to exchange your vows, finding the perfect wardrobe for your adventure , how to make it special and all about your love, and how to celebrate afterwards!! Of course, you’ve also got to make a plan for telling your family and friends. That’s why we’ve put together a little guide on how to elope – because we want to be your adventure guide, planning buddy and friend with a camera to capture it all.

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1. Don’t Feel Bad About Eloping

If you are in the beginning stages of dreaming up your adventure wedding or planning your elopement you may be feeling the guilt or pressure from family. We are here to cheer you on for making the choice to do your wedding your way. Try not to feel bad about your decision – you don’t have to justify it to anyone. Of course, some friends and family might be initially disappointed with the idea of not sharing your day with you, but once they get over the shock, chances are, they’ll be nothing but over the moon excited for you.

2. Do Have A Plan On How You Will Announce Your Elopement

You might want to throw a big party when you get back, or you may want to send out announcement cards after (we can make those for you). Maybe you want to live stream the ceremony to your family and friends (we can do that for you). However, you choose to let people know about your elopement, make a plan.

3. Do Think About the Destination

Do you want a chic city elopement on the rooftops of LA, sandy toes and vows on the beach, or would you prefer to climb the canyons in UT? Either way you should become an expert in the area, have knowledge of rules and permits and make a plan. We have a lot of resources and knowledge and can definitely help you choose a location that will work best for the epic elopment of your dreams. Once you’ve decided where you want to go, and the feel you want from your elopement, you can start building a plan from there.

4. Don’t Forget To Book a Photographer

We think this goes without saying but just in case….

We always think booking a photographer is a sound investment for your wedding day, and even more so if you’re eloping. Having stunning images to show your friends and family will make them feel part of your day.

5. Do Make It Special

Just because you don’t have a huge guests list. Doesn’t mean your elopement shouldn’t be EPIC and your Greatest Adventure YET! Whether it’s writing personalised vows, setting out at sunrise out on a jeep, eating wedding cake for breakfast, or hiking to the top of a mountain at sunset, do whatever it is that will make your wedding day feel special and truly memorable. The best thing about eloping is that you can do whatever you dream of!

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