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Dance Photoshoot

Jul 7


dancer dance photoshoot beach session

Ballet, sunsets and beaches make a stunning combination

Last week I got the chance to work with on a dance photoshoot. Creating a dance photoshoot was especially enjoyable to me as it brought back memories of the days I use to dance. I was a competitive at a young age and I spent hours everyday after school at the dance studio. Fun fact, I was a background dancer for Michael Jackson at the Super Bowl.

Recently, I have had the chance to step into other roles as a photographer (beyond weddings). I have really enjoyed working with other artist!! Documenting their passions and crafts brings me so much joy.

Getting to spend the afternoon with competitive dancer Lauren from Temecula Dance CO, was a dream. We chased light, waves and sunset all while dancing, leaping and balancing. This tiny dancer is fierce and strong but she makes each move appear effortless and graceful.

dance photoshoot 
beach session

We started near the cliffs with toe shoes and ballet poses and then headed down to the railroad tracks. She shines in her flexibility and we were really able to show case that for her.

Dancers need photoshoots to show off their skill level and abilities. As a former dancer I understand the importance of showcasing the talents of each individual dancer. I also know the importance of being warmed up and prepared for the movements during the dance photoshoot. Having experience as both a photographer and a dancer I can understanding the creative process. If you are interested in more details on dance photoshoots Dance Magazine put out a wonderful article you can read HERE.

If you have followed me you know that sunsets are my jam. Of course, we finished the evening prancing on the shores at sunset.

dance leap ballet dance photoshoot beach

Ballerina, you must have seen her dancing in the sand…

If your an athlete or artist and you want to document your craft we would love to hear from you, you can set up a time to chat with us HERE

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