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Class of 2020

Jun 12

Senior Sessions

senior session class of 2020

Poet and Artist

I feel so lucky I had the chance to take her senior photos. This girl is off to college and she wants to travel the world and write poetry. I love seeing young artist find ways to express themselves.

You Inspire Me

This group of seniors, I have had the privilege of taking photos of for their senior sessions are inspiring. They have had to overcome challenges that no other class has had to face. They missed right of passages, there are some memories that were never made, and celebrations that didn’t happen. But I have really enjoyed each senior session I have captured this year. Spending time chatting with these incredible students and hearing their stories and dreams and hopes has been inspiring.

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Our Future is Bright

After spending time with this amazing young artist during her senior session. And with others of her generation during their senior sessions, I can say that our future leaders are pretty amazing and I think our world has a bright future in their hands.

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