If you are looking for Photography Business Coaching my Trailblazer's Mastermind may be for you!

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Photography Business Coaching – The Trailblazer’s Mastermind

Are you ready to up your photography business game? Are you ready to make your work days fun, whilst money is rolling your way with ease and at the price point you deserve? Then you are in the right place!

You may be stuck in a bit of a rut and that is why you are here, right? As a photography business coach, I have been in your shoes, until I realised it is time to make a change.

I am now a successful mentor and photographer with strategies that align with me from marketing to a mindset that allows me to continuously grow and charge 5 figures for my weddings and elopements. And guess what? You can too! 

Are you ready to become an in-demand photographer? Let’s talk about my photography business coaching – The Trailblazers Mastermind.

If you are looking for photography business coaching join my Trailblazer's Mastermind

What’s Inside The Trailblazer’s Mastermind

How to get leads in your sleep and get fully booked

Leads are an extremely important part of your process if you want a business that thrives. Once you have warm leads, you can take them on a journey that makes them want to convert with ease!

A reliable lead-generation process boosts the credibility of your marketing process.

And a disadvantage is that your business will lose sales if your lead-generation process does not produce positive results. It is important to know how to do this effectively and strategically and that is what I will teach you in my mastermind.

In my photography business coaching – The Trailblazers Mastermind, you’ll learn exactly how to get those leads with complete ease and how to get them to convert!

If you are looking for Photography Business Coaching then join my Trailblazer's Mastermind

How to get the kind of inquiries that make your heart stop 

It is all good and well making bookings but if it isn’t with couples whose vision aligns with yours then it isn’t going to make your heart flutter with joy, is it?

Although getting bookings is exciting and means more cash flow, it won’t benefit you in the long run.

Inside my photography business coaching – The Trailblazers Mastermind we will teach you ways to attract your ideal clients with ease – your marketing strategy and content so only your dream ideal clients come your way, as well as your packages and offers – we will ensure you are 100% aligned with what you’re selling.

Marketing is a big factor, of course, to get inquiries flowing your way. So you will learn all about the best strategies that’ll get you ranking on Google, show up as an expert in your niche and different ways to promote yourself authentically. 

How to make more money with elopements and weddings

It is easy to undersell yourself because everyone loves a good bargain! But, it isn’t the best way to go about it – in the long run, you will be burnt out because you will be doing more weddings or elopements than you need to.

Imagine this – charging double what you charge now and doing half the weddings – although you love your job, you want to ensure you can fully immerse yourself in those jobs with your time and energy. 

I will teach you how you can start charging 5 figures for your weddings and elopements because you deserve to charge your worth, just like I do!

Craft a profitable and sustainable photography business with irresistible packages that people want to pay for.

How to book wow-factor destination weddings and elopements

You will start to book wow-factor destination weddings and elopements that you have always dreamed about.

You will learn exactly how you can market your successful photography business so you’re booking weddings with couples who want to get married at your dream locations. With a strong and personalised marketing strategy, you will do this with absolute ease.

Whether you have been in the industry for a while or you are not as far into your business journey as others, you will be living your dream in no time.

What You Will Learn

Pricing Strategies 

Learn how to price your services in a way that’s competitive, profitable, and appealing to your ideal couples. We’ll cover everything from creating packages to setting your fees.

Brand and Marketing

You will learn how to develop a strong brand that resonates with your ideal clients and sets you apart from the sea of photographers.

We’ll also cover how to market your services on social media, website SEO, Pinterest, paid advertising, and all the things you need to be fully booked. It is so important that you know how to market your business strategically and authentically for the best results. 

Check out my podcast with Darcy Benincosa where I talk all about marketing!

If you are looking for Photography Business Coaching my Trailblazer's Mastermind may be for you!

Client Management

This is a huge part of your business.

So it is essential that you master the art of working with clients, from initial consultations to onboarding, pre-wedding and post-wedding communication.

Learn how to build relationships, manage expectations, and ensure your clients are having an elevated experience.

Workflow Optimization

You need to ensure that you optimize your workflow to ensure maximum efficiency and profitability and in my photography business coaching – The Trailblazers Mastermind you will learn how to do exactly that.

We will cover everything from shooting to editing, with a focus on streamlining your processes and minimizing time spent on non-revenue-generating tasks. 

Ready to Create a Photography Business That Thrives?

Imagine this – having a step-by-step map for building your dream business that is sustainable and profitable, developing a mindset that will help you grow and attract abundance in your life and business, increasing your prices so you are charging 5 figures for weddings and elopements, and finally creating content without paying for styled shoots! 

Whether this is a photography business start-up that started a while ago, or you are looking to really up your game, it is your time to invest in a photography mentor.

In my photography business coaching – The Trailblazers Mastermind you will learn everything you need to know and you will become an expert in your field living your best life.

Come and join the fun with me and other incredible photographers!



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