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Top 5 Places to Elope in Utah

You have made an incredible choice by choosing a Utah elopement!

The most challenging aspect of planning an elopement in Utah is deciding where to have it because there are so many choices with its range of scenery, making for dreamy and candid Utah elopement photography.

Utah offers salt flats, mountains, deserts, and everything in between, so you have lots of choices and there is something magical for every eloping couple.

To help you with your search here are my top 5 places to elope in Utah.

Top 5 places to elope in Utah

Top 5 Places to Elope in Utah


You’ll instantly be in amazement and wonder at this magnificent place, Zion, once you start walking among the red rocks, which will make for some incredible photos and memories!

Offering beautiful locations that would make for some amazing wedding photos can be found among the natural beauty and marriage of sandstone cliffs and water. Trust me, as a Utah elopement photographer, I choose the most photogenic spots to truly tell the real vision of your Utah elopement.

There are many hiking possibilities available in Zion National Park for those couples who seek a hiking adventure. Some amazing hikes include Angel’s Landing, The Narrows, Emerald Pools, and Canyon Overlook.

Wedding Permit

The rules of Zion National Park must be followed during wedding ceremonies.

There are six authorised wedding locations in Zion National Park, including: the Temple of Sinewava, Menu Falls, Zion Lodge Lawn, Nature Center North Lawn, South Campground Amphitheater, and Timber Creek Overlook, which require a permit.

Wedding ceremonies must be held in authorised locations, but you can take photos anyplace else in the park.

Best Time of Year in Zion To Elope


In winter temperatures on average range from 20 degrees to mid-50 degrees. Due to the significant elevation difference between the valley floor and the canyon, snow almost constantly falls there.


In Spring the temperatures average between the mid-70s to mid-40.

The snow is melting quickly, and there is some rain (watch out for flash floods). The region is brimming with blossoming desert life! In Zion, the spring is unquestionably the most colourful season, particularly in the latter spring, around May.


In the summer, the temperatures are on average between the low 70s to low 100s.

The summer is wonderful if you don’t mind the heat and almost every day is filled with dazzling sunshine!

Wildfire season begins in late July. In Utah, there may occasionally be fires, but most of the time they are quickly put out. As an elopement photographer, I keep an eye on this for you and will create a plan B as needed when mother nature interferes.


In Fall the temperatures on average range from the mid-80s to the low 40s.

Fall is similar to summer, although it is slightly cooler. Zion has a range of colors in the fall, especially if you are at the top of the canyon, the desert foliage there doesn’t change color as in alpine climates.

On the summit of the canyon in the later fall, snow is occasionally found.


There are countless reasons why Moab has become a popular place to elope in Utah, including the untamed red rock formations, the canyons that appear to go on forever, the tall sand dunes, and the panoramic views of the desert.

Tying the knot here is extremely magical.

There are many jaw-dropping locations to capture your Moab elopement photos, including the two national parks, the state park, and the countless acres of BLM land. 

This Utah elopement destination is unique in its diversity. Whether you envision a woodsy vibe, a dreamy desert, or an adventurous or moody feel, Moab offers it all.

There are many places to elope in Utah’s Moab including Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, Dead Horse Point State Park, Castle Valley and Bureau of Land Management (BLM), all offering something different, from hiking and camping to rivers and stone carvings.

Wedding Permit

You must obtain a marriage permit for particular spots in Moab if you want to get married in a national park, state park, or on BLM land.

Best Time of Year in Moab To Elope

Spring / Fall

In the spring and fall, Moab is fantastic. Typically, I advise eloping in March, April, May, September, October, or November. Although there is a little chance of rain in the spring, it is still breathtaking to see all the flowers in bloom.


Although there is a potential of snow and the temperature can drop, Moab’s off-season is really desirable from November through to February.

There are a lot less crowds at this time of the year. The majority of the shops and restaurants are still operating. It’s one of the few occasions when you can actually feel like Moab is all yours.


Although the weather is bright and hot, I would recommend avoiding summer. Not only is it 100 degrees in the summer, but it is extremely busy with tourists.

Bryce Canyon

Some of the most distinctive scenery in the world can be seen at this Utah elopement destination, in Bryce Canyon. I am especially fond of this location as my youngest son is named after this canyon!

It makes the ideal backdrop for a Utah elopement because the red rocks are fashioned into long, cylindrical teardrop forms. You can hike as far as you like if you are up for the adventure.

Sunrise elopements are some of my favourites at this location because the way the light catches the hoodoos, which are already vividly orange, is breathtaking. Bryce Canyon is the ideal location for stargazing and evening Utah elopement photography because it offers some of the darkest skies in the nation.

Wedding Permit

You must obtain a wedding permit to get married here. 

Best Time of Year in Bryce Canyon To Elope


During the winter, Bryce can experience extremely low temperatures. The pathways alternate from being quite snowy and extremely muddy.

You can still walk into the amphitheatre, but you’ll need some kind of ice spikes for your boots and be ready to have that wedding gown ombre from your adventures in the mud!

This may be a rugged adventure in the winter but it is really worth the magical photos and experience.


The summer months bring pleasant and mild weather. 

I recommend Bryce Canyon as an alternative for those of you who want to elope in Zion, in the summer months. Zion can be extremely crowded and difficult to navigate during the summer. 

Spring and Fall

Most of the day, temperatures are moderate. When temperatures dip at night, a light jacket may be necessary. Usually beginning in late March and lasting until May, spring brings temperatures between 45 and 65 degrees.


This place to elope in Utah offers more than 2,000 sandstone arches that were created by years of erosion giving the park its name, Arches National Park.

This huge desert terrain offers plenty to explore, including trails that meander through the towering pinnacles, rock bridges, and distinctive red rock formations.

Arches has many locations within the park where couples can elope, each with miles of beautiful views, and it is very flexible regarding the optimum times of day to do so.

Amazing natural wonders like balancing rocks, dune fields, canyons, and monuments created by salt dissolving are all found at this Utah elopement destination.

Golden hour and sunrise are the ideal times of day for taking photos since the sun’s shadows are less harsh, the national park’s characteristics are clearer and more attractive with warmer colours. 

Arches allows you to elope only at specific locations in the park including La Sal Mountains Viewpoint, The Windows Section, Sand Dune Arch, Delicate Arch, Delicate Arch Viewpoint, Pine Tree Arch, Landscape Arch, Park Avenue, Devils Garden Campground Amphitheater and Panorama Point.

Wedding Permit

You must have a special wedding permit to elope in the allowed locations. 

Best Time of Year to Elope at Arches

Although Arches National Park is stunning and open all year long, there are some times of year that will be more suited to you as a couple, for your Utah elopement.


If you visit in the winter, you may anticipate temperatures between 30 and 50 degrees and as low as 0 to 20 degrees.


Summer months are very hot and usually 100 degrees+, so this is not ideal for a lot of couples.

Spring / Fall

The best months for your Utah elopement at Arches are April, May, September, and October, when daytime highs often range from 60 to 80 degrees!

I often recommend couples choose a weekday to elope here to avoid the crowds. This will help you keep your day intimate. 

Capitol Reef

This is a place to elope in Utah that truly feels like another planet with its massive red rock formations and unexpected vegetation embellishing the arid terrain.

Capitol Reef is available to those looking for thrills as well as those looking for low-key adventure, as some of their cliffs are steep! There are plenty of magnificent places with a choice of easy and more difficult hikes.

Due to the striking contrast between the colourful, multicoloured rocks, the green riverbanks, and the blue sky, Capitol Reef National Park was once known as the “land of the sleeping rainbow.”

The park is filled with amazing spots for elopements, but picking just one can be challenging. I create a timeline with my couples as this allows them to explore as much of the park as possible!

Keep in mind that the park only permits ceremonies in or near picnic spots, campgrounds, or other front-country spots, which usually necessitates having access to a vehicle. Or you can truly take in the breathtaking views by hiking to your spot. 

Some of the most gorgeous spots to elope at Capitol Reef include Surprise Canyon Route, Chimney Rock Canyon Loop Trail and Sunset Point.

Wedding Permit

You must obtain a special wedding permit to elope here.

Best Time of Year to Elope at Capitol Reef


Wintertime is a peaceful time in the park, making it a special place to elope in Utah as you’ll have the place almost entirely to yourself! You can see the desert with a layer of snow covering the red rocks.

It can be chilly during the winter but do not worry as I have a packing list to ensure my couples stay warm and cosy on their wedding day. 


The temperature at Capitol Reef typically stays around 100 degrees during the summer, so you can absolutely go on outdoor excursions if you opt for paths that provide shade. 

Summers can be rather warm, but not quite as hot as other parts of Utah.


Fall can be one of the best times to get married at Capitol Reef as the weather starts to cool off. This is a terrific season to include elopement day activities such as: hiking, biking, and more because the daytime temperatures are more pleasant and comfortable. 

I love to recommend fall to my couples eloping here so that they can avoid the crowds of summer. 


Spring is the rainiest season, and the weather can be a little unpredictable. However, the downpours are usually brief and light.

You can see the desert flowers colouring the landscape because the showers bring flowers, so this time of year is ideal if you want wildflowers as part of your elopement backdrop.

Plan Your Utah Elopement

Now you can see why these are my top 5 places to elope in Utah, you have a variety of choices as to where you can forge your own wild traditions and thrilling adventures!

I am a Utah elopement photographer who would love to chat with you!

Top 5 places to elope in Utah


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