Yosemite Winter Engagement

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Snowy Winter Engagement at Yosemite

Tim + Olina’s Snowy White Winter Yosemite Engagement

Truly a Virgin Snow

I can think of few things more beautiful for an engagement session than a snowy Winter Yosemite wonderland. But in this case it was all the more special because this was Olina’s first time ever seeing snow! It also marked the couple’s first time at Yosemite together. They embraced the shoot with a playful and whimsical spirit. Yes, we even had a photo op with a snow-person.

Tim and Olina chose Yosemite also so they could re-live these memories in the future when they visit the site again. Since they love nature and wanted something nearby where they lived, I suggested Yosemite National Park. It turns out they’d been wanting to visit for a long time so jumped on the idea.

Their Magic Moment

Tim has such an imaginative way of thinking. It was a joy to work with him on our shoot because of his creativity and willingness to try new things. When I asked them how they got engaged, Olina shared with me Tim’s creative and surprising approach to popping the question. It is so fitting for what I learned about Tim during our time together!

It was on a night when Olina had a live game stream planned. Tim aided in the event by claiming to be setting up a camera for capturing the stream. However, when it came time for the game, Olina discovered that the camera was actually set up as a video call with both their families on the other end. Now all their loved ones would witness his proposal to her in their home. Afterwards they were able to see and talk to their family, which was wonderful since they don’t live nearby, and hadn’t been able to see them much since the pandemic started. 

Tim + Olina’s Story

Just like their engagement, Tim and Olina’s origin story is made possible by technology! What an amazing world we live in. They met in an anime IRC chat room when they were 13 years old. Olina lived in Hawaii and Tim in Michigan. They kept in touch over all those years until February of 2020 when they finally met in person. They continued a long distance relationship until they decided they never wanted to be apart. When you know, you know, right? The couple now live in California where they enjoy walks together, games, movies/anime, travel, and eating delicious foods.

Our Time Together

Not only was this Olina’s first time seeing snow, but it was their first time having professional photos done together too. They shared with our team that it was a lot of the small moments on the shoot that made the entire session a wonderful experience. Olina’s first time in the snow was so fun for her (though being cold was a bit rough) and Tim was very happy seeing Olina’s enjoyment. Our photo op with a snow-person was my personal favorite moment, and for Tim and Olina, throwing snow in the air together was another fun highlight. 

Advice From the Couple

“Focus on what is important to you and not what society says is important for a wedding. Don’t compare another person’s wedding to your own, everyone has different ideas of what their perfect wedding/elopement looks like, and when you really think about what you want to do and what makes you happiest, do that. Remember that your day is about celebrating you and your partner, don’t worry too much about what other people want.” – Tim + Olina

Cheers to a wonderful marriage between this beautiful couple. Heather Anderson Photography will be thinking of you both in April for your big day!  


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