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How to Elope on the California Coast

Jul 1


The coast of California goes on for 840 miles. 840 beautiful miles that you can elope on. Being an adventure elopement I always love helping my clients find the perfect location for their elopement, and a California beach is one of my favorite spots. Here are a few tips on how to elope on a California Beach.

  1. Permits | Most beaches in California require you to obtain a permit to photograph at the beach. They vary in price but are easily obtainable. Collecting the permit for your elopement is something I will handle for you. Here you can find information about permits just for personal reference.
  2. Pick a Date | Some months in California are gloomy or just too hot. Of course, you can elope anytime you want but you want to make sure you are comfortable. May is pretty gloomy in California and August is just really hot.
  3. Pick Attire | Being on the beach is so relaxing so you are going to want to pick something that you feel most comfortable in. Check out this previous blog post we created on Elopement wedding gowns. Don’t forget if you want to climb rocks at the beach bring the right shoe attire.
  4. Secure your vendors | Are you interested in having a florist or a planner at your elopement? You should secure your vendors right away. With the wedding boom happening right now you don’t want to miss out on a vendor you are interested in!
  5. Create a Timeline | This is something we will do together, I will look at the sunset or sunrise (depending on your ceremony).

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