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Life Beyond the Lens – Challenges

Apr 30

Life Beyond the Lens

Today on my IGTV I am talking about challenges. You can watch HERE and follow along with the blog below.

Is there something you struggle with in the background that no one really knows about?

Is there something you have learned to deal with on a day to day and how do you make it work?

For me it is a learning disability. It doesn’t really effect me too much now. I have learned to adjust and I have created a life and work that work with my disability. However, as a child I worked extra hard to make sure I could keep up. When I was growing up there was a lot less education d resources about learning disabilities. So, I made my own way… street smarts if you will. I knew I couldn’t pass spelling test so I would work with my teachers to help make exceptions.

I would explain that I often flipped my ie or ei or invert my b and d I didn’t know why but I knew it did not matter how much I studied it still happened. I worked hard and most all of my teachers allowed me exceptions. I even entered a spelling bee at one point I think just to prove I could. Math was a struggle as well as I would fill numbers and in a long algebra problem that causes some major issues.

I wanted to be in the upper division math class (I was always an over achiever). I made friends with the math kids and studied with them. I stayed in at lunch and worked with my math teacher and I stayed after school to get extra help. I did end up in upper division classes in HS and I figured out ways around my disabilities. The one class I did not pass was Spanish I just couldn’t get by on grit this time. So, I went to the local JC and took night classes for ASL and used that for my foreign language credit.

My mom hesitated to purchase gradation tickets because she wasn’t sure I would graduate, But I did and I went onto college where they finally tested me for learning disabilities. I was able to get the assistance need to in college and I earned my BS in 3 years and went onto start my masters degree in special ed which I never completed because I got and emergency crediting started working as a teacher and realized I wanted to be a photographer. I know everyday I have little hang ups from my learning disability but I have found work arounds that I don’t even notice anymore… although it is something I struggle with  in the background and I know it takes energy.

Life beyond the lens was born out of a desire to help other creative women who are overwhelmed and experiencing burnout. I wanted to create tools to help them create a life of abundance and joy. We are so much more than the hats the wear, I want to share my life outside of being a wedding photographer. I have a full life beyond my lens that keeps me healthy. I want to share with you the lifestyle hacks I have developed over the years to help me create a life that is healthy and happy. I hope you enjoy this new series that will be airing every Thursday on Instagram!

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