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Postpone, Don’t Cancel!

Mar 20


First I want to start this blog by saying I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe out there, I know this is a trying time for everyone in the world and it is a tough one!

Now I want to briefly talk about events coming up and postponing VS canceling and the effects is can have on a small business. Everyone’s first thought is to cancel, of course – mine always is as well – but think about it like this: If everyone cancels on all of the small businesses that they booked for their wedding at one time this could cause a lot of the businesses to potentially go out of business because of the loss they could potentially take.

We also want to encourage our clients to have their big days, we want them to feel happy and excited even through the discouragement of all of this!

Let’s all ban together and preach postpone don’t cancel! Here are some informative articles to help with your decision making.

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