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The most frequently asked question about my workouts

Dec 5


“How do you stay motivated?”

The reason that I started working out in the first place was because of how it made me feel after. The high of the accomplishment and the way that it helps me stay in my creative mind on a daily basis.

Here are the top ways that I stay motivated for my daily workouts:

– Sometimes I don’t feel motivated but I just push through, creating a habit helps

– Workout at on the same days and times each day so it becomes part of your routine

– Keep a variety of workouts so you avoid burnout (I do spin, yoga and lifting, I mix them up on different days)

– Have someone who holds you accountable. This can be a workout partner or just someone you text and check in with. My workout partner moved out of state a couple years ago and we text, send videos and do daily check ins to hold each other accountable! (if you ever need someone let me know, I am your girl!)

– Set measurable goals, you won’t keep doing something if you can’t measure the results. Take your measurements, photos and jump on a scale every 90 days to check your progress.

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