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Consistency In Your Work

Jun 5


Something I get asked often by other photographers is how to find a niche or style to represent their brand well. I think what they’re really asking is how to deliver consistent images to clients and on social media.

I have to admit sometimes the little squares on Instagram make me crazy. Not every couple I shoot has the same style and not all of my weddings have the same aesthetic and that makes trying to have those squares look perfectly consistent challenging. What I have come to realize is that I so appreciate the diversity of my couples! I am grateful that not all my couples, weddings, styles, and colors come out exactly the same. I cannot think of a way to kill my own creativity quicker.

However, it is important that I deliver consistency in my work to my couples – it creates a level of trust within my business and in our relationship. They should be able to feel confident when they hire me that they’ll open a gallery of beautiful images come rain or shine, bright or dim lighting, and rushed timeline or styled shoot.

Consistency in your imagery is an important piece of establishing your personal style.

Developing a style can serve you well in business because it often translates to trust and credibility with your couples. When couples see consistency in your work, they know what they are going to get. Developing consistent imagery was one of the main reasons I added film to my workflow. I love the aesthetic of film and that I don’t have to do much post-production work.

Not only does shooting film save me hours behind the computer, but it’s helped me offer incredible consistency in my hybrid work. If my couples came to my website and saw a variety of editing styles – it would be a little confusing. They may wonder what they’re going to get when they book a wedding with me and that’s not the way to start off that relationship.

So, for today’s blog post I thought I would give you a few tips that have helped me create consistency in my work! Let’s dig in.

When you are starting your journey into photography finding your style can be filled with a lot of confusion. You want to find a style that reflects your personality and your strengths. If you’re like me, you’re drawn in many different directions, I follow fellow photographers that have a style completely different from my own. I love what they do, but never feel like I have to try imitate everything I enjoy.

I needed to find the style I was most passionate about shooting. For me, I knew I had found my niche when I started with film. Using this medium gives me a starting point when I’m working to cull, edit, and match my digital images. It makes editing my digital images so much easier. I do have a IGTV tutorial on this if you want to see it in action (head on over to @heatherandersonphotography).

Another aspect of my business I’ve worked hard to learn is lighting and how to use it consistently. Understanding light and learning how to control it has helped me create stunning sunset images my couples have come to expect and love!! I prefer to shoot right before sunset because of the amazing glow resulting in images that are soft, dreamy and warm. Some photographers prefer sunrise or indoor lighting they can control. Whatever it is for you, learn to master that lighting situation and use it over and over when you produce your images.

Consistency isn’t something that comes easy. It takes time, practice, and a love for what you’re doing. Just like in life, consistency in photography can bring you great success, but it requires a lot of work.

My best advice to you is to practice by taking your camera out and just playing around. Find your voice. When I found film I shot 100% film for all my personal projects during that first year. I wanted to dive in headfirst and learn all that I could. I made a lot of mistakes, but that’s how I learn best (and why I practiced with personal projects rather than paying clients).
Find a style or edit that you love and practice, practice practice! If you want a perfect setting to practice, I will be holding a 3-day photography retreat this Fall! I would love to see you there.

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