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Unlocking the Unconventional: A Wild Zion Workshop Experience for Elopement Photographers

Adventure-Based Learning: Nov 3rd – Nov 5th, 2023

What if we told you your next level-up isn’t found in a stale conference room, but under the boundless skies of Zion? This fall, we’re ditching the conventional for the wild and the extraordinary. Here’s your exclusive invite to Elevated Elopements’ intimate, 3-day workshop in one of America’s most dreamy destinations—Zion and Southern Utah.

Who Is This For?

You’re an elopement photographer craving adventure, keen to shoot in untamed landscapes, and hungry for an untraditional twist in your portfolio. If “romantic,” “wild,” and “adventurous” are words you want associated with your brand, this workshop is for you.

Day 1: Ignite the Fire (Nov 3rd)

Kick off with a meet-and-greet and a fireside chat. We’re talking unfiltered Q+A on all things elopement photography and business. The vibe is casual, and the knowledge is red hot.

Day 2: Shooting in the Wild (Nov 5th)

Capture a full elopement experience with styled shoots at sunrise and sunset. Imagine this—learning how to shoot video while bathed in the romantic hues of Zion’s horizon. You’ll leave with content that’ll make couples swoon for a full-day elopement package, potentially elevating your packages to the 5-figure mark.

Day 3: The Business Behind the Lens (Nov 4th)

Your photography is only half the equation. We dive into client experience, branding, and business workflow. Plus, we’ll map out how to turn your dreamy snaps into content that converts to bookings. It’s a full-on session on sustainable business strategies to keep your bookings rolling.

Bonus: Adventure “Headshots”

Get adventurous headshots that breathe life into your ‘About’ page and Instagram. Let’s face it; your brand is as wild and free as you are, and your headshots should scream the same.

Your Investment

  • 3-Day Retreat: $2222
  • 1-Day Pass: $999

Exact locations? We’re keeping it mysterious for now, but don’t worry, Southern Utah won’t disappoint.

Reserve Your Spot (Almost Sold Out)

Want to level up your elopement photography game and join a tribe of like-minded adventurers? Hit that reservation button and be part of something unconventional. Check out Steph our co-host and local UT elopement photographer!!

I you are planning to join us for this epic adventure in Zion! Below are some travel and lodging options to make your journey as smooth, sustainable, and adventurous as possible.


  1. McCarran International (Las Vegas) – More flight options, around a 2.5-hour drive to Zion.
  2. St. George Regional – Closer but with limited flights, just a 1-hour drive to Zion.

Airport Shuttles:

  1. St. George Shuttle – Offers services from both McCarran and St. George airports.
  2. Xpress Shuttle – Good for McCarran to the St. George/Zion area.

Rental Cars:

  1. Enterprise or Hertz – Budget-friendly options.
  2. Turo – For a unique and untraditional ride.

Lodging in Zion:

  1. Zion Lodge – Right in the heart of the park.
  2. Under Canvas Zion – For a romantic and unconventional glamping experience.

Affordable Lodging in St. George:

  1. Red Lion Hotel – Basic but reliable.
  2. St. George Inn & Suites – Affordable with a pool.

Affordable Lodging in Washington, UT:

  1. My Place Hotel – Simple and no-fuss.
  2. Sand Hollow Resort – A touch more upscale but often has deals.

Airbnb & VRBO Options:
St. George:

  1. Desert Gem – Modern condo with a pool.
  2. Cozy Corner – Quaint and affordable, great for small groups.


  1. Adventure Basecamp – Your wild and adventurous home away from home.
  2. Sunny Escape – Budget-friendly with a backyard for some downtime outdoors.

We can’t wait for this romantic and wild journey with you. Here’s to adventures that are as unconventional as they are unforgettable!

See you in Zion 🌿✨



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