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Ready to be booked like wild and bring back that creative, spine-tingling spark? As a full-time adventure elopement photographer who’s built a team and seen 200% increases in revenue, I’ll show you the ropes from booking your first elopement to niching down, raising your prices and building a distinct, meaningful brand.

Create your own definition of wild success from dream destination weddings to niching down and forging a creative balance that fits your target lifestyle.


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I’ve been the six-figure elopement photographer and guide, and now I’m guiding early photographers and aspiring elopement experts to do the same. So let’s see if I’m familiar with the trail you’re on…

I help photographers with two of the most frustrating obstacles: lost, overwhelmed, and struggling to land clients, stand out and make the sales needed to support your business. 
And then there are those who have done all of that, but who are burned out and practically aching for change — whether that’s raising your prices, conquering the what-ifs and niching down into what you fully love or booking destination weddings and living the dream that won’t let you sleep without trying. Believe me, we’ll do more than try; I’ll teach you how I did it, but I’ll help you evolve your brand and your business strategies with a style that fits your lifestyle and your goals. The competition is fierce, but these coaching programs will crush that comparison fatigue and burnout.

Meet Heather,
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Karissa | California Elopement Photographer

"Heather's incredible knowledge, unique eye and her caring and supportive nature make her not just someone who teaches but someone who was meant to teach. I feel confident in my marketing and in closing the deal on sales. "

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Join our FREE community where I host monthly workshops and weekly lives to help you move the needle forward in your business. Connect with other like minded photographers and have chats with me about all things business and photography!!

A curated photography mastermind helping elopement photographers book (keyword: consistently) in dreamy destinations while turning over a profit far beyond simply covering the travel fees. Coaching program with group coaching calls, 1:1 calls and tons of support +community to realistically create your dream business. Soon, I’ll be grabbing coffee with you in a destination you’re paid to be at.

A 1:1 journey for photographers who are pivoting — whether that’s to higher prices or into a competitive niche, I’ll guide you through this stage with support, actionable steps and weekly calls. I won’t just dare you to dream, I’ll help you revolutionize your dreams and watch them come to life too. These adventures are just as wildly life-changing as the elopements I’m known for.

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From how to market elopements to creating a photography package couples won’t be able to resist, this guide will walk you through the basics of that first booking (and the rest that’ll naturally follow suit).

5 Steps To Booking Your First Elopement