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Engagement Session Outfit Inspiration

The anxiety of your engagement session can be nerve wracking. It’s not always easy taking your engagement pictures if your not used to being in front of the camera, but thats why I am hear. Know that if you book with me during your session you will feel comfortable and we will have the best time!

Here are some tips for your session to choose the best outfits for you and your significant other:

  • Don’t try to match, try to pick outfit that coordinate instead
  • Don’t be afraid to be BOLD, be your own!
  • Most patterns are ok, however are not favorable for portorites, if you are wearing a pattern just make sure it’s not overwhelming.
  • Bring more than one outfit, a dressy outfit and a casual outfit ( I like t start with the dressy outfit and end with the casul one!)
  • Make sure you are comfortable with what you are wearing!

Trust me this is going to be fun!

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