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How to Choose the Best Light

Nov 2


I am a natural Light photographer so understanding how to quickly find good light on wedding day when dealing with a variety of light situations is important.

Here are a few thoughts for you to understand how to find the perfect light and avoid that harsh light if you can:

If you are a natural light photographer finding good light is going to be top on your list. I love looking for open shade, as this offers soft flattering light and is lower in contrast. This is my favorite type of light (other then diffused usn on an overcast day or sunrise or sunset).  I will choose open shade over a pretty background. I want the best light I can find. 

Avoid the sun as your main light as it will cause harsh shadows and squinting, which is undesirable for quality portraits.

Some of the best best places to find open shade under awnings, the edge of trees or buildings, and inside doorways or windows. It is always good to try to find natural reflectors near the open shade loke, white sand, white pavement or cement, a large white wall behind you anything that  is bouncing light back into your subjects face.

If you are using backlit in you photo then it is important to place your subject to the side of the light. Backlit can be harsh so shooting it from the side helps to diffuse the light. 

Once you find the right light make sure you are aware of your background. You don’t want the lighting in the background to be too much of a contrast from the lighting you are shooting your subject in. 

The top three most important things to look for when choosing good light will be:

  • Can you see catchlights in their eyes
  • Are their faces well lit
  • Are there any harsh shadows on their faces?

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