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Life Beyond the Lens – What is Manifestation

Apr 16

Life Beyond the Lens

Today on my IGTV I am talking about the meaning of Manifestation. You can watch HERE and follow along with the blog below.

According to the principles of Law of Attraction (LOA), manifestation is essentially bringing your thoughts into reality. Basically, what you think and visualize is what you will experience. 

Here are 3 easy hacks to start manifesting the life you desire:

  • Train Your Brain For Positivity – We control the filter that we have on our lives. Have you ever wanted to purchase a new car and then all of a sudden it seems everybody in town has that exact car? Or maybe you’ve been considering doing something new in your business, and suddenly everyone is doing the same thing? It’s no accident! Whatever we focus on expands. There is even a part of our brain that is in control of this called the Reticular Activating System (RAS). So, in order to expand the good that we think and experience in our lives, we must train our brain to search for it and create it.  An easy way to do this is a gratitude practice. Start off every morning thinking about 3 things your grateful for. You can even keep a gratitude journal! When we appreciate all the good that is in our lives, we train our brain to find more good. In fact, studies have shown that a gratitude practice can actually change your brain!  You can download my free  guide HERE and this will help you start practicing gratitude. 
  • Thoughts Matter  -Whether we want to admit it or not, many of us start our days thinking, “what can go wrong?” When you ask your brain a question, it searches for the answer. Imagine how differently life would like if you started your day off asking, “what wonderful experience will I have today?” or “what can I create today to serve others?” 
  • Create a Vision – Visualize the life you want or see yourself in the space you want to be. What does it look like, feel like? The more details you can create in your visualization the better.

Life beyond the lens was born out of a desire to help other creative women who are overwhelmed and experiencing burnout. I wanted to create tools to help them create a life of abundance and joy. We are so much more than the hats the wear, I want to share my life outside of being a wedding photographer. I have a full life beyond my lens that keeps me healthy. I want to share with you the lifestyle hacks I have developed over the years to help me create a life that is healthy and happy. I hope you enjoy this new series that will be airing every Thursday on Instagram!

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