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A few weeks ago we talked about the “joys” of tax season, and I let you in on a little secret of mine. A company called BENCH. Let’s recap on why I use Bench because we are getting down to the wire! Bench is an online bookkeeping service for small business owners. And they do […]

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One of the biggest reasons why I am able to keep going with my business and why I am successful is because I make it a point to take time to myself. I take a step back each day for “me” time. No work, no kids, no phone no distractions, NO NOTHING! During this time, […]

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It’s that time of the year again and we all know we dread it every year. We have to make sure we have every receipt recorded, every mile correct all of our invoices down answer a ton of questions for our accountant do a ton of leg work. What if I told you, this year […]

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A lot of film photographers shy away from sunset photos because shooting sunsets on film are not as easy as on digital. Sunset photos are my jam so I knew when I added film to my work I had to be able to shoot dreamy sunset photos as well.  It took practice but I have […]

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I recognized that weddings merit the same kind of heart-pounding adventure. That’s why I transitioned from fine art photography to adventure elopements, using the medium I love to tell love stories that are as real as the ocean is deep. 

Meet Heather

California elopement photographer

Nature inspired me to chase after awe-inspiring bursts of wonder — watching sunrises from Yosemite mountaintops, backpacking through the red rock landscape of southern Utah, surfing in waves that carelessly crash onto the beach and soaking up island sunsets. 

Let's talk about why I'm really obsessed with what I do.

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And don’t hesitate to have your adventure of a lifetime.

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