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   You find yourself lowering your prices to get booked

You're getting leads but getting ghosted 

   You are feeling overwhelmed with the business side of your photography business 

   You're struggling to get bookings at a price you desire

Most of all, you are ready to hit that 6-figure mark in your business but it feels like a pipe dream

Maybe you’ve felt like this before ...

sound familiar?

Craft a creative marketing plan

let's do this

I will teach you 3 easy actionable steps to stop getting ghosted and start booking those golden gigs you have been dreaming of! This course can be watched and executed in a weekend!! There is no fluff we get right to the gold so you can get booked!!

a creative marketing strategy that  works for you, so that you can be out documenting heart pounding adventures

generating your highest revenue year yet, crushing those 6 figure goals

spending more time shooting and less time chasing leads and getting ghosted.

traveling to dreamy destinations for couples that love your work

offering high ticket premium packages to book higher paying weddings



"Wow where do I begin with Heather? It's impossible to put my gratitude into one paragraph. Heather's incredible knowledge, unique eye and her caring and supportive nature make her not just someone who teaches but someone who was meant to teach. Over the years, learning from Heather has been such an invaluable experience for me. Her focus is not only on getting the technical side right but supporting each student's creative journey. "

the reviews

You want to learn how to have a creative marketing plan that works for you 

You’re ready to turn this side hustle into a full time gig and leave your 9-5

You want to learn to create pricing and proposals that convert 

You're ready increase your revenue

You want to turn those leads into bookings -stop getting ghosted

You want to get more leads from your ideal couples

Your are the perfect fit if...


Ghosted to Golden

can I do sales without being salesy? 

why don't the couples I love, love me back? 

why is everyone ghosting me? Are my prices too high? Am I good enough?

Your probably wondering...

I am all in

Ghosted to Golden

I will show you how to get creative with your marketing so you can serve your couples 

Discover how to get in front of  the couples you love and that love you back

It is time to change your mindset and go from ghosted to golden so you have a fully booked season

How it Works

 You will have clarity on how you create desire around your work and serve them so they are excited to work with you!

by the end of the 3 module course you will be ready to 

Gain confidence in your marketing, no more second guessing your  pricing or sales plans. You will be sold on your own services and your couples will sell themselves on you. 

craft a creative marketing plan

Learn my proven marketing plan to create trust, desire and urgency. Going form ghosted to fully booked almost effortlessly!

fill your books

Attract dream couples

What you get...

- Brand Building Blocks
Discover how to build a brand that is marketable and create irresistible offers. The first step to success is shifting your mindset around selling. Let go of limiting beliefs so you can go from ghosted to fully booked!!

-  Marketing Magic
Learn how to craft creative marketing plans that work! Find out how you can attract your dream couples that are ready to invest in you!! These are the exact marketing stratagies I used to increase my revenue by 200% in one year!
Easy 3 step marketing plan: 
1 Organic marketing Learn from @saltedpages (gust teacher) how to create SEO magic and drive traffic to your website
2 Learn my paid marketing strategy you can use over and over to sell to your cold traffic
3 Retarget your marketing to warm leads and convert your bookings quickly 

- Golden Bookings 
Turn your leads to bookings. Find out how you can overcome your couples "objections" and create urgency without feeling like a pushy sales person. This is where you put everything into practice and go from ghosted to fully booked with your golden couples!!

Oh, and let's not forget the extras...

creative ad
pricing guide 
call script 
lead rely email 
and workbook  

Access to our VIP community for support

Ready to learn?

3 easy actionable steos


learn how to craft messing for your brand that creates desire

create an irresistible  offer 

Brand Building blocks


Learn how to get fully booked without spending hours on social media
(this is the exact method I use bring in 6 figures season after season)

 Marketing Magic


learn how to create urgency
without feeling like a sell out. 

Golden Bookings


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the topics

As a new photographer I wasn’t really sure where to start but once I started talking to Heather I was able to get it figured out and now i’m more confident in where my photography business will be headed. She is so amazing!! She’s absolutely the sweetest and I know I can ask her any questions and she’ll be honest with me and help me in a way that’s best for me. "

This is a great tool for anyone struggling with the admin side of their business. This course is IMMEDIATELY applicable. I was able to create a new marketing STRATEGY in less THAN a day!!  Ghosted to golden is amazing and I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this course.



the reviews

I am fully booked each season and currently make 6 figures with my photography business (don't you want a coach who is currently booking and not using outdated methods?) 

I am paid to travel to dreamy destinations and have heart pounding adventures with rad couples 

I can turn leads on and off like a faucet to fill my books when I need it

I have increased my revenue 200% yearly with this exact marketing plan

I went from burned out to feeling excited
about running my business

I found a way to blaze my own trail and stand out
in a sea of photographers 

And I want to teach you how you can do it too!!

I’m Heather Elopement Photographer
and Marketing Coach for Photographers

My business used to light my soul on fire, but not in a good way.
I have been right there with you. I shifted my business countless times to avoid burnout. I felt like every time I caught up with the next industry change, I was behind my competition all over again.
I couldn’t stand it.

So I decided to step out, step up and
blaze my own trail... and know I want to share my trail map with you!

This is my reality now... 

Let's Do This


frequently asked

Once you’ve purchased the course, you will receive your log-in information via email to create an account and get access to the materials. You can stream the videos at your own pace and re-watch whenever you want!

This course is good for any photographer who is ready to transform their business with proven strategies and framework to attract and book your ideal clients, charge what you’re work, book a full calendar, create raving referrals, and generate more income in your business

This is an online course designed to go at your own pace. You will have access to the course for lifetime. My goal was to make this easy to apply and take action quickly so you can start booking more sessions quickly.  

No worries!  You can add one on one coaching with me at anytime to take get your results faster!


Heather's work has been seen in Brides, Martha Stewart weddings, wandering weddings and 100s of other publications

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