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I offer a variety of workshops, retreats, one on one coaching, and free resources to help you go from burned out to inspired and experience balance in your work and life. 

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“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

Before becoming a photographer I was a teacher, and my love for teaching and helping others has driven me to create an educational piece of my business. Once I had my first child, I knew I wanted to figure out a way to work from home so I started my photography business over 10 years ago and have created everything from the ground up. I have made many successful pivots in my business so whether you are looking to start a photography business or make a pivot from shooting families to shooting weddings, I am here to provide the support and tools you need to create a healthy and thriving business. Having the freedom to be home with my kids and create a flexible schedule while generating a solid income has been life changing for me. It is something I am passionate about helping other women create space for in their own lives.  Nothing makes me happier than helping others succeed at creating their best life.

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I host 4 workshops a year to help you build your portfolio, get inspired creatively and network.  If you want details about upcoming workshops opt in to our newsletter. 


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I host an annual CA Dreamers retreat in CA each year.  It is 3 days packed full of hands on shooting, education and community.  If you want to be the first to know all the dreamy details opt in to our newsletter. 


I love working one on one with other photographers to help them overcome burnout, be efficient with their time  and get inspired to create their best life!  Us the link below to set up your call!



Having the opportunity to have Heather as my mentor was a gift in understanding how to organize a styled session, styling, posing, and equipment and film choice. 
There was certainly a lot to learn and she encouraged me to focus on shooting over taking notes. 
Before the day of the mentorship, we discussed my film camera choice as well various films and what time of the day to use it. We discussed best places to buy film as well as what my lab choices were and how to best communicate with them so they process it to my liking. 
While shooting film, she discussed styling and how to photograph stills on styling boards and shared her resources and why she uses those vendors for decor as well. While shooting the models, she demonstrated how to direct them for the film shot, which is much different than using digital equipment as you don't want to waste film overshooting. While everything moved quickly, she reminded me to take a breathe before taking the shot. To be intentional, patient, and thoughtful.
After getting the film back from my preferred lab, we discussed the results and we discussed use and where she suggested I submit for publication. 
I appreciated how much time she spent ensuring my expectations were filled from her mentorship. She was patient and open in her knowledge and resources as well as organized and fast-paced. These are the reasons I highly recommend taking a mentorship from Heather. 


Wow! Where do I begin with Heather? It's impossible to put my gratitude into one paragraph. Heather's incredible knowledge, unique eye and her caring and supportive nature make her not just someone who teaches but someone who was meant to teach. Over the years learning from Heather has been such an invaluable experience for me. Her focus is not only on getting the technical side right but supporting each student's creative journey. She supported me through growing my skills as a photographer while providing tools to let me play and grow as a creative. She approaches each student with care, passion, curiosity, love and endless amounts of support. He philosophies extend beyond just being a photographer and business owner but also living a balanced and fulfilling life as a business owner. She is a master of light, catching real moments and connecting with each of her clients in the most genuine way. Anyone would be lucky to learn by her side! I cannot recommend working with Heather enough! 


Thank you again for everything and hosting this workshop, I learned so much within these couple of days, and I cannot be more grateful for all the knowledge I’m getting to take with me. It was a great first workshop for me, something I’ll always treasure!! 



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