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You’re either not booking clients at all, or the clients you do book are looking for the cheapest, not the best.

The competition is fierce, and you feel hollow in comparison.

You feel stuck and want to get out of your own way.

Comparison fatigue has you feeling miserable every time you try to post on the ‘gram or get your name out there.

You want to do something outside of the box, but don’t know how.

You’re burned out, but not ready to give up on your dreams just yet

Most of all, you are ready to hit that 6-figure mark in your business but it feels like a pipe dream



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Your all in one solution to blazing your own trail and building the  photography business of your wildest dreams 

The Profitable Photographer

Your business working for you, so that you can get clients even in your sleep. 

You knew how to profitably price your work and had the confidence to do it?

You can be spending more time shooting and less time trying to find leads - so you can live your life more freely.

Had a precise trail map of what to do and exactly how to do it.

You could turn those crickets in your inbox into dreamy inquiries ready to work with you.




"Wow where do I begin with Heather? It's impossible to put my gratitude into one paragraph. Heather's incredible knowledge, unique eye and her caring and supportive nature make her not just someone who teaches but someone who was meant to teach. Over the years, learning from Heather has been such an invaluable experience for me. Her focus is not only on getting the technical side right but supporting each student's creative journey. "

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You want to know how to make more money

How to book more sessions

How to get more inquiries

How to attract your dream clients

Your are the perfect fit if...

Yes! Am I ALL IN!

The Profitable Photographer 

How it Works

Sign up and receive video & written tutorials broken up into 6 easy-to-digest sections. Each lesson contains practical and actionable advice. 

6 week action plan 

No secrets here. The PP Resource Library is filled with all my go-to resources as well as templates + tools to help you fast-track your success. How easy can it get?

Done for you resources

Templates. checklist, workbooks make it easy to get your business running smoothly. 


What you get...
- Brand Building 
- Signature Style 
- Magnetic Marketing 
- Boost Bookings
- Elevated Experience 
- Business Badass

this is my exact method I use to book over 200k in Sessions each year 

Oh, and let's not forget ...
Templates: calls scripts, emails, checklist and workbooks

Build the business of your wildest dreams 

Let's do this!!

discover your why
define your target market
create your mission statement
establish brand values and + vision, create your lifestyle design and craft a brand that attracts your dream clients

Brand Building 


find your niche within the wedding  photography world
create a style with techniques on the art of posing, lighting, composition, and storytelling

Signature Style


Magnetic Marketing


I will teach you my exact marketing plans that have increased my revune 200% each year and allow me to have a 6 figure photography business. 

learn how to WOW your clients and create an unforgettable experience.
Hint: just sending a wedding guide welcome gift is not a good client
Steal my timelines, pricing guides and client forms 

Elevated Experience


learn my exact methods to bookings and making 6 figures year after year

boost bookings


Business Badass


learn all the things you need to do to run a successful business and get legit!!

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the topics


As a new photographer I wasn’t really sure where to start but once I started talking to Heather I was able to get it figured out and now i’m more confident in where my photography business will be headed. She is so amazing!! She’s absolutely the sweetest and I know I can ask her any questions and she’ll be honest with me and help me in a way that’s best for me. "

the reviews

I’m Heather.
Destination Elopement Photographer + Business Coach

Burned out. Struggling. Overwhelmed. Lost. I have been right there with you. I shifted my business countless times to avoid burnout. I felt like every time I caught up with the next industry change, I was behind my competition all over again.

I couldn’t stand it. So I decided to step out, step up and blaze my own trail. Now that I have more time freedom, I’m teaching other photographers how to do the same, but with your own signature style.


frequently asked

Once you’ve purchased the course, you will receive your log-in information via email to create an account and get access to the materials. You can stream the videos at your own pace and re-watch whenever you want!

This course is good for beginner to intermediate photographers who are ready to transform their business with proven strategies and framework to attract and book your ideal clients, charge what you’re work, book a full calendar, be more confident in posing + directing your clients, create raving referrals, and generate more income in your business

This is an online course designed to go at your own pace. You will have lifetime access to the course and be part of the VIP FB group 

10 email templates from inquiry-booking-gallery delivery 
Workbooks and Checklist for the 4 video lessons 
My personal phone script for booking couples 
Wedding + Elopement Timelines 
Wedding + Elopement Questionnaires 

Yes, you can pay over 4 months or in full 

Heather's work has been seen in Brides, Martha Stewart weddings, wandering weddings and 100s of other publications

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