Torrey Pines Engagement Shoot

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Torrey Pines Engagement

Kaitlyn and Stefan’s Torrey Pines Engagement Shoot

Torrey Pines Engagement Shoot

A Perfect Backdrop at Torrey Pines

Kaitlyn and Stefan wanted to celebrate their engagement with a photo session that would embrace beautiful views, so I suggested Torrey Pines for our location. We all wanted really authentic images and I was thrilled to be able to offer my experience with Torrey Pines and with shooting outdoors with a backdrop that would let their love run wild.

A Couple’s Perfect Engagement

Kaitlyn and Stefan especially love to travel, play pool, and watch movies together, so we made sure to have our sessions incorporate both a sense of fun and playfulness, as wells meaningful shots that used nature. I firmly believe that couples who adventure together stay together, and Kaitlyn and Stefan carry that sense of adventure in spades.

Torrey Pines Engagement on the beach

Popping the Question

Although Stefan and Kaitlyn knew each other for years, they didn’t official meeting until they were on the same pool team for league. Then in November Stefan asked Kaitlyn to marry her while they were out Christmas shopping. They then chose the U.S.S. Battleship because they didn’t want a normal venue and wanted something they had never seen before.

Fun in the Sand

I was so happy to hear that both Kaitlyn and Stefan had so much fun during our shoot. Kaitlyn said that her favorite moment of the day was when she and Stefan were down on the beach just laughing and enjoying each other’s company. I loved capturing their joy, especially down at the water’s edge. Whether it’s a designation wedding, an engagement session, or an elopement shoot, is there anything better than the sound of laugher and waves crashing?

Advice From the Couple

We asked Kaitlyn and Stefan for advice to other couples planning their wedding bliss. They said “For planning a wedding my biggest piece of advice for couples is to remember that it is your day and don’t let people’s opinion persuade you to do things you don’t really want to do. As for engagement session, my advice is to relax and dress in something you are comfortable and confident in.”


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