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Your Elopement

Jul 21


Did you know if you elope, you have total control and flexibility of your day? Your day is solely based on you and your time! That is what I love most about elopements and helping you coordinate your day. The wonderful thing about eloping is you can do whatever the two of you want to do on that day without the added stress. With a larger wedding, there are so many moving parts to the day, and it can be stressful and be overwhelming for some couples. 

The great thing about elopements is couples can get ready together at an Airbnb. They spend the morning together, cook breakfast, or sharing an early morning coffee. They read love letters to each other and help zip up dresses or straighten ties. Or you can get ready to separate and then do a first look at the sunrise or sunset over a stunning valley. It is totally up to you! There is no one-size-fits-all for elopements, and that is why I love them! 

During your adventure elopement, a lot of couples choose to do fun activities. Things they love to do with each other, but this time it’s on their wedding day and captured by me. Here are a few of my favorite activities I have done with my couples. 

  • Hike up the valley to see the sunset
  • Off-roading in their jeep 
  • Hot air balloon rides 
  • Hangout by the campfire and look at the stars 
  • Do wine tasting at their favorite local winery 
  • Bike riding
  • Enjoy a picnic right after the ceremony 

And so much more.. 

After your elopement and activities, we can head down for dinner with just you and your partner, or you can enjoy dinner with a few family and friends. You can hire a private dinner or eat at your favorite restaurant. You can hire a personal chef to that air b n b you rented to get ready in, or you can cook dinner together with each other. 

The sky is the limit with your elopement, and I can’t wait to plan it with you. 

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