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Why I love Branding Sessions

Jul 15


What is a branding session?

Branding sessions are photographs that capture you and your brand or product. They are used for marketing pieces such as your website, social media, or any promotions you will be making for your business. These sessions are great for not only new businesses but for established companies. 

Typically during a session, you will receive photos that range from headshots to you doing your favorite things along with working pictures. I suggest doing branding sessions no less than once a year; this gives your clients new content to see and a chance to see who you are becoming.

Here are my top reasons why I love branding sessions: 

  • It tells your story
  • It tells your current and future clientele who you are and where you are going. It creates a connection with them
  • It levels up your brand 
  • It set’s you apart from the other creatives who don’t want to invest in their branding sessions for professional work

I enjoyed creating fellow photographers Rosanna’s branding session with her last month. We laughed and enjoyed our time. Rosanna ran a very successful photography business for years but has hung up her photography hat to try her entrepreneurial skills at something new!! I was honored when she contacted me to do a branding session for her latest endeavor as a Realtor. We went for a simple look for her session inside her home, the light was perfect, and even her daughter joined us! 

I love working with other creative brands to help them create content for their businesses. I love empowering creatives to follow their dreams, pursue their passion and not hold back on creating. If you are looking to give your website a facelift, add images to your portfolio so you can create content, or just update your brand, I would love to help

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