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Should you write your own vows?

Jan 5


There are so many pros and cons to writing your own vows and honestly it comes up to personal preferences and what you feel most comfortable with. Today I wanted to give you a few reason why I love when my couples write their own vows.

  • They are intimate and personal
  • They tell your story
  • They have personal promises that you saying to each other about your marriage
  • It’s a reminder to each other why your getting married
  • You are writing something from the heart, not something that others have said before

These are just a few of my favorite reasons why I love when my couples write their own vows.

If you do decide to write your own vows here are a few tips for vow writing:

Set the mood: Turn on a playlist or song in the background that has meaning to you as a couple. Maybe flip through old photos and recount your love story. How did you meet, what’s your favorite adventure you have shared, who popped the question and how.

Make A List: Define your partner and make a list of all the reasons you love them.

Make Promises: Think of the promises you want to make on your wedding day. These can include traditional vows, religious vows or something more personal.

Are you getting married in 2021, I still have some availability. Let’s chat.

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