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How to Create a Unique Elopement

Oct 2

Tips for my Couples

As an  adventure elopement photographer, I take on a lot more than just taking photos. I help couples craft an elopement experience unique to their love story and interest. 

  • A few things that couples often ask me to help with is 
  • Where should we elope to?
  • What should we do on our wedding day?
  • What should we bring for our adventure elopement?
  • How can we make our elopement fun and unique?
  • What is the cost of an elopement VS a real wedding? 

Where should we elope to?

When it comes to adventure elopements one of the first questions couples want to answer is where they will elope to. Here is a great resource on the best places to elope. 

  • I often suggest finding a location that is meaningful to you as a couple or has played an important part of your relationship. 
  • Another fun idea is to go someplace new that you have been dreaming of. 

What will we do on our wedding day?

As a destination elopement photographer I have the unique experience of traveling and exploring the world with couples in love. I have defeltinly found some hidden gems and taken in amazing breathtaking views that serve as gorgeous venues for couples worldwide. 

If you are up for hiking at sunrise there are beautiful locations to choose from in both front country and backcountry. Maybe you prefer chasing waterfalls in Hawaii or you want to head to Iceland. I had one couple say I DO on paddle boards! We will plan a day that takes your breath away and leaves you on cloud nine! 

Couples looking to add some adventure and make their day truly unique may want to consider something as exciting as arriving at their destination by helicopter, jeep or boat. The options are endless and I know a few places and apps I can recommend to make these dreams a reality. 

What should we bring for our adventure elopement? 

You won’t have to decorate a large venue or fill a ballroom with florals but you can still bring some fun elements along with you to celebrate your big day. Personalized attire (it doesn’t have to be a the typical wedding attire either!) , bubbly to pop, picnic for 2, we eloped or just married signs, or maybe even your furry bff and your vows. 

However you choose to celebrate, your love will be unique, it will be fun and wildly romantic!

Ready to elope? Contact me so we can craft your dreamy adventure!!

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