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Planning your Elopement

Apr 14

Tips for my Couples

There are many reasons why people choose to elope VS having a large scale wedding. Sometimes people are overwhelmed with the stress of a large wedding, some couples just want to run away and sometimes couples just want it to have close family and friends with them on their wedding day.

Here are a few things to think about when planning your elopement

  • Hiring your Photographer: Pick a photographer who loves adventure just as much as you do! ( I LOVE ADVENTURE!)
  • Elopement etiquette – Always share the news with loved ones, elopements can be tricky with not inviting people and you never want to leave anyone out and make someone not feel welcome in your life! Send out we got married cards or we are eloping cards before the wedding and make your friends and family feel loved!
  • Elopement Budget – Make sure that you nail down your budget before you start your planning, especially if you are planning a destination elopement.
  • Picking a Location: Guess what, you get to elope ANYWHERE! Just keep that in mind. Pick a place that makes you happy.
  • The Marriage License: Don’t forget, you still have to have a marriage license when eloping and your officiant will have to sign it with two witnesses on the day of your wedding.

Planning your 2021 elopement, contact me today – let’s travel together!

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