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Florals for your Elopement

Apr 7

Tips for my Couples

Luckily for you, getting florals for your elopement is going to be an easy task! Typically couples get a bouquet and a boutineer and that’s it. The hard part to this is deciding what type of flowers.

I have talked to a few florists in my circle throughout my research on this post and I have found that a lot of couples look for more of a natural look for their elopement flowers because they are getting married in such cool areas and the scenery is amazing they don’t want to take away from that.

Natural meaning the flowing:

  • A lot of greenery
  • Flowers that would typically be in your backyard garden
  • Neutral colors to match the scenery of their location

Typically a bouquet for an elopement costs anywhere from $195.00-$225.00 depending on size and a boutineer runs about $65.00-$95.00 Couples should keep in my that just because it is an elopement the prices unfortunately do not change from a typical bridal bouquet because florists can’t order flowers by the stem specifically for one bouquet and have to order in bulk.

Most florist will do a consultation with you before your wedding day to decide colors, types of florals, size and shape, so please couples take advantage of this!

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