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What to Set Aside for your Wedding Photographer

Mar 10

Tips for my Couples

Right when I arrive to shoot your wedding, one of the first things I like to do is shoot the details. By the details I mean your shoes, dress, your ring, your invitation, all of the little things that you might not think of. These photos you will cherish, trust me!

Here is a small checklist of things to set aside for me before I arrive :

  • Your gown – I might take it outside depending on the weather and the lighting so keeping it in the bag is ok!
  • Your wedding band along with engagement right
  • Your significant others ring
  • A ring box if you purchased one, if not I have them sometimes!
  • Your invitations
  • Vow books if you have them
  • Your Shoes
  • Any jewelry you are wearing
  • Hair Piece you might be wearing
  • Anything else that is important to you that is a detail of your wedding day, that is on a smaller scale

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