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Is a first look right for you?

Feb 24

Tips for my Couples

A first look is when you and your spouse see each other for the first time before you walk down the aisle. This time is just between you and your significant other – typically no one else is around.

There are so many pros to having a first look but it really it is all up to personal preference and how you imagine your day. Here are some pros about a first look, tell us, would you have a first look in the comments below.

Here are some pros for a first look

  • It gives time to do pictures of the bridal party and family before the wedding ceremony
  • It frees up time for the couple to be at ceremony to be able to celebrate more with their guests
  • You get to have an intimate moment just the two of you that no one sees (except me, I get to capture it!!)
  • It can be very emotional and you get to do it together and not at the ceremony
  • If your nervous, it helps ease that!
  • You get our tears out before the ceremony

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